I'm just trying to list myself as a reporter/editor & am having trouble. Can anyone help me? -Nanci

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Hi, Nanci. Are you trying to list yourself in the Classified section? If so, click the Classifieds button up at the top, and then post your listing. Sometimes it takes a few minutes to show up. So don't be discouraged. HTH!
Thanks for the info!
You know, I looked them up on the internet & can't find them. Do you have any other info for them?
If you look at the "clickable" buttons on the top of every web page on this forum, it begins with The Nation, then Invite, then My Page, then Classified, then Send Files, and the very next one says COMMUNITY. If you click that word (button) that says COMMUNITY, it will take you to a new page. That is where you will find all the different groups on this forum. There are MANY of them.

Click here for the one Jeanese suggested: Scopists Former Court Reporters Group on CSRnation

Here is the same link that you can copy and page, just in case you cannot click the above-referenced link: http://www.csrnation.com/group/scopistsformercourtreporters

I think you will find everything you need on CSRnation once you get comfortable with how to navigate from page to page on this forum. There's more here than meets the eye at first glance. You'll enjoy it once you learn how to navigate on CSRnation with ease. :-)
Thank you so much. I think I got it.


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