I'm in Canyon Lake and would like to know if there is anybody closer than Steno Doctor in Orange, Steno Guy in Tustin, and Steve way out in the Devore area who does the annual cleaning, servicing, and PM on writers? Thanks for the help

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Russ Greene in San Diego. It might be Green. He's great.

I go down in the morning, give him my writer, enjoy beautiful San Diego for the day, and pick it up later in the day.
Thanks, Tami
Hi, I'm sorry this does not have anything to do with your question, but maybe you can help me out anyway. I noticed that you have a Stentura 8000LX. I am new to the new computerized technology and I have had nothing but problems. First of all I have a Vista desk top. I had no idea that it was going to cause me so many problems. I have tried everything and the company I bought it from is not helping much at all. I should have looked into this more. I have also heard that the Stentura 8000LX batteries are useless. I ordered the DigitalCat from Stenovations and even they are trying to work out the quirks. Do you have any suggestions.


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