Query about the Realtime Systems Administrator Workshop & Exam

We have two IT guys in our office who are very interested in doing the RSA workshop and exam at the upcoming NCRA Convention, but they are not court reporters - does anyone know if non-reporters are permitted to do this course? Thanks in advance :)


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I would say they are.  I have attended CLVS and Trial Presentation and they say things like we'd love it if instructors or IT folks or attorneys would take the courses, so I would say yes.

Thanks for that Anita, I had hoped that would be the case :)

There was at least one IT guy in the RSA workshop I took. 

Even though not a court reporter, the IT guy still needed to set up a steno machine and connect to RT.  I don't think he had to actually write on the machine to have translated words come up like the reporters did, but he did have to connect everything properly.  Maybe the proctor wrote on the machine to make sure the right baud rate was selected?  I really don't know how they handled that, but it would be worth asking about before your IT guys sign up if they want to take the RSA test.  Of course, they can just take the workshop and not do the test.  It's not required to be tested.

Laura is right.  You can be IT and take the class.  However, I think I heard that the next class in Philly is already full and wait-listed.  So may have to wait until next year :-(   It's a popular workshop for sure!


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