Well, my dog decided in this last week she is not eating kibble anymore.  And I add fresh chicken or salmon and carrots to it every meal.  I put five new kibble samples out for her and she won't eat it.  So I found this great new boutique pet store and I am giving her a mixture of raw and dehydrated.  A bit more pricey, but still only about 60 cents a meal.  She LOVES it.  The gal at the store was telling me how hard kibble is on dogs' digestive system.  Hard on the pancreas.



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My dogs are not picky.  Of course, I have labs and they will eat absolutely everything, including what my cats put in the litter box.  You must have a very finicky pooch, Kerry.



She is finicky.  But I've been really reading up on dog food this past week and I feel like dogsreally will be much healthier eating raw dog food instead of dried of any kind.  Unless someone wants to make their own raw dog food, but you need to make sure you have all the nutrition.

Therein lies the rub.  You almost have to have a degree in nutrition to be sure you're balancing their ration.  Who has time for that?  I'm having enough trouble making sure the "giraffe" in my barn has what he needs to be healthy.  I need days to be 36 hours now.  I just feed a top-of-the-line dry and keep an eye on my boy.  We'd all be healthier eating a more natural diet, wouldn't we?

Years ago my little poodle died from cancer, started as a little bump on his lip (had it cut out), then his jaw, then his stomach ----

The only food he would eat was Moist & Meaty.  The vet specialist  told me pets only eat a certain dog food because they are addicted to it (not because they like it).  Pet foods are made with certain additives that are addictive (so that is only what the pet will eat).  So that's how the companies make their money.

Moist & Meaty had a red dye - or red stuff in it, which is a carcinogen. 

I have a friend who had three big dogs.  She would cook white rice and add it to their food.  That makes logic.  Rice is a baby's first food.  It's easy on the digestive system.

I have never given my dogs any dog food with preservatives or animal by products in it.  And I buy top of the line dog food that usually is only available at the boutique pet stores.  But this Northwestern Natural I just put her on is chicken and turkey with no antibiotics or hormones and she loves it.  I know dogs love things like Little Caesar, Science diet, but I won't feed them that.

Thankfully she's only 6.5 pounds so buying the raw won't be too, too expensive.


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