I noticed this morning there was a request for a reporter who had to have a security clearance to be able to take a depo in a prison.  This reminded me of a reporter who arrived early at the prison to do just that many years ago.  She was wearing a blue pantsuit.  The personnel would not let her in because she was wearing blue and only the inmates could wear blue.

She noticed a Thrift Shop across the street, went in and purchased a "new" outfit.

Then she met the attorney in the parking lot and explained the situation.  He said, "I'm

glad I'm not wearing my blue suit today or I'd be shopping in the Thrift Shop, too."

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Wow, that was lucky, the prison I did a depo in was in the middle of nowhere...I would have been out of luck....what happened to orange is the new black..or blue in this case:)

I don't know, but things do change over time.

Take care, Elois


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