The snappy thing on one end of my realtime cables broke off.  So I ordered another one.  Thinking of my dad, who broke the snappy on his brand new expensive TV stuff, I took the concept from him.  I cut off a bread plastic tie thing, cut it to size to fit as an insert into the snappy place.  It works.  The realtime cable works.  (I put the new one away for safe keeping).

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Mary Jo, you are a very self-sufficient lady.  Could you attach a pic so I could see what you mean by the snappy thing?  I think I know, but . . .

You see in picture 2 the snappy thing.  That holds it in place in picture 1.  If the snappy breaks off then it won't stay in.  I took a little pastic bread tier (that plastic flat square thing used to close bread) - cut it to size.  Then I took my cable, inserted it into that part in picture 1, then took my plastic bread part and - and shoved it in there.  Once the bread part is cut to size, and is a good fit, it works!!!

That's what I thought you were talking about. I just couldn't picture how the break tie thing was attached. I thought you somehow attached it to the end of the cord.

I've lost count of how many times I've broken that "snappy thing" :) when I had my FlashWriter. I just used the phone cable-like thing that I used to get with my laptops, and they worked. But the fix you came up with is fantastic. I love hearing about all the stuff you do, like getting your old writer to work. Keep up the good work, Mary Jo! :)
Is it just me, or are we somehow unable to edit our posts? When I click "Edit" or the "X" to delete, it doesn't do anything. :(

To edit a post, you have to go to OPTIONS.

I think there's something wrong with my Firefox browser. I could edit the post in Internet Explorer, but Firefox keeps telling me I'm missing a plugin, but then it doesn't find any plugins. Pffft.

You should get yourself a crimp tool and fix that cable.  The tool costs in the neighborhood of $10, I think.  I got one from Micro Center, but they probably sell them at RadioShack too, along with a pack of the RJ11 and RJ45 connectors (plastic snappy things).  When I had a writer that I would connect to my computer with one of those type cables, I shortened the cable to a custom length to use for depositions where I'd always be sitting near the table and crimped new connectors on both ends of the cut.  Instant spare cable.  It works for RT cables as well.

I've fixed cables for friends too.  It's much cheaper than buying a new cable if the only problem is the connector.  But good for you coming up with a solution on the fly!


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