Hi, guys. I was looking into Realtime Coach because I thought I remembered about being able to pay monthly instead of the yearly subscription but now I just see the yearly subscription. I also remember something about a free trial, but I can't find that either. Does anyone know if they still offer this? Also, has anyone used Realtime Coach starting out at the lowest speeds, the 40 wpm? Thanks in advance!


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Amy, I don't know about realtime coach but my school offers a program similar to that it's the Performance Evalutator. I use it all the time to practice and I've improved in my accuracy. If you're a student, find out from the school that you're in. Thanks, Christine Grucci
You may have been thinking of MagnumSteno as a free week trial. Realtime Coach apparently needs a credit card payment (smiley face). My financial status does not afford me a credit card payment. I have been using Speedbuilders.com, though; and I am happy with it. You get three takes e-mailed to you on Saturday. You can do it for like $12.00 for four weeks of dictation. For your needs, there's not a lot of variety, but it's a cheap cost.
Realtime Coach had a two-free-weeks deal for NCRA members at some point, if I'm not mistaken. I used it and decided it wasn't for me.
NCRA always offers the free trial for Realtime Coach ---- awesome!!
Below is a copy/paste from an email I received from NCRA today. I subscribed for a while, liked it for a while, then stopped. The "actors" get really irritating after a while, but maybe they've gotten better. I've only used it for the higher speeds, so can't comment on low speeds. But hey, it's free next month, so give it a try. I'll probably try it again next month when it's free.



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