Okay. I've done this one way for years, but I'd like some other reporters' opinions on how to transcribe Roman numerals. When it's stated, "Roman numeral two," does your transcript say "II" or "Roman numeral two" or "Roman numeral 2"? I guess I'm just taking a survey here because this has bothered me for years, and if there's a way most of you do this, I'll conform.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Irene,

I would write Roman Numeral II.

Ditto what Janet said! :-)
Ditto ditto :)
Thanks. That makes sense.
Since I have a tendency to always think in steno:

I add an R- or -R to a number (number bar) to have it tran as a Roman numeral.
Count me odd one out. If they say roman numeral 2, I write II.

I dunno, it's kind of redundant to write roman number II. It's like writing 12:00 o'clock, sort of.

I'm with you. That is the way I've always done it.

Tami, great suggestion for Roman numerals. Thanks!
Yay, I'm not alone anymore.
No, Kyung, you are not. :-)
Personally, "Roman numeral II" seems about as redundant as you can get. I always agonize about this one and that's the only choice I have no doubt about NOT doing. Either go with the Spoken Word method and transcribe it as it is said, "Roman numeral two" or use the actual Roman numeral and drop the descriptive words. I could write a dissertation on this. "Roman numeral 2" is an oxymoron because the numerical figure used is in Arabic form. The second consideration is always whether the particular Roman figure is confusing to read in the font used and usually plays a part in my decision.
--okay, this is why court reporters are So Annoying To Live With, Right?
Must be the reason we are so hard to live with. Ruminating and indecisive! :-)


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