In the spirit of sharing and caring, I thought it would be great to have a place to post a list of scopists or proofreaders we really like, people who consistently do a great job and have proven to be reliable.

Please keep your comments simple and to the point. Any random or negative posts will be deleted by Monti, the site administrator. If you disagree with a posting, please contact the person directly rather than post anything negative here.

Please list (1) who you're recommending, (2) why, and (3) their email address or a link to their CSRnation profile.

Here's my recommendation:
PROOFREADER: Chris Renegar,,
He used to be a medical transcriptionist and is very reliable, very smart, and very nice.

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Can I second that emotion too, Anne? Chris Renegar catches things it seems no one else can. He's got a really keen eye and a knowledge base that's really astounding. And if you tell him you need it by a certain date and time, he never fails you.
Yes, Chris is great to have in your corner. He'll knock himself out for you. Thanks for the second, Marla!
All recommendations have been updated up to this point.

P.S: Marla, you have already recommended Chris!

Recommending PROOFREADER: Chris Renegar,,
I found Chris while in the middle of a crisis. He responded to my "desperate" email and saved the day! He is by far one of the easiest and nicest persons to work with. He loves to educate along the way as well, which I appreciate.
PROOFREADER: Judy Thompson, She is a retired court reporter. Many years of experience. Quick turnaround. Accurate. No transcript too difficult. Proofs for all my court reporters. They have been very happy with her work. Ready to proof for you right now. Give her a call @ (909) 268-1400 or you and email her.
Here is my recommendation:

Scopist: Ashle Finch
Software Used: Case Catalyst
Although Ashle has only been scoping for a short while, she's doing really great. She's got a great eye for detail, great at research of names, etc. She turns her jobs in in a timely manner. Definitely look her up. She's looking to commit to one busy reporter and possible some overflow reporters. She loves scoping and welcomes constructive criticism and feedback on each job!!
Recommend scopist LINDA GAUTHIER! Meticulous! Takes time to research names/spellings. Produces beautiful transcripts in a timely manner. Years of experience, plus she can read steno! Have worked with her for over a year. Know her profession and takes pride in her work.
I would like to take this opportunity to recommend a wonderful, reliable, quick, smart scopist. Betty Kelly, Betty has been my scopist for over 20 years. She can read notes, works with StenoCat32 and CaseCatalyst, maybe more. Betty has the BEST turnaround! She has a vast knowledge of language, vocabulary and grammar usage. I would highly recommend her as a very professional scopist.


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