Hi...anyone have any information on a site I can go to to send my text as well as my audio files? I've been using WhaleMail and at the moment the server is down and having problems. I need to get a few files to my scooper. Any suggestions?



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I use a very good program, but you have to pay monthly for it. However, it's a right off. E-mail me at MMCSR07@aol.com for more info!
Use Gmail. You can send unlimited file sizes and its free.
Thank you for the response. I will go to the site. Is it a secure site is my only question?
Have you tried YouSendIt or SendThisFile? I've received work through both sites. I don't know the security specifications, but like I said, I do get a lot of work this way through individuals and companies.
Actually I take that back. The limit on Gmail is 25 MB. I do believe they are as secure as any other website. Any website can be hacked, but I trust Google.
I'm still trying to get used to this site, so I apologize. I just tried to edit, but I must have been too late. I was going to add in links to both sites: http://www.yousendit.com/ or http://www.sendthisfile.com/
I have never used it before but I checked that site, sendthisfile.com, and you have to pay for it. Cheapest plan is $4.95 a month for 500 MB. How did you get it for free?
Just send it through CSRNation. Click the button "send files."
I usually use sendyourfiles.com, but it was not working this evening. This worked like a charm (now I have to make sure that my scopist got the files!!)
Thanks for the tip, Judy, about sending files via CSRnation. I did not know we could do that. That is really cool!

I have a question about the other sites. I have an account with YouSendIt and pay $9.95 per month, so that I can send and receive larger audio files. I am quite happy with it.

I could upgrade to a business account at $29.95 per month which provides a few more perks: detailed tracking, return receipt, customized e-mail notifications, and branded dropbox with my logo for customers.

So far, I have not felt I needed to upgrade and am happy with the 10-bucks-per-month deal. My question, though, is this. If you have a paid account and/or upgrade to a business account on these sites, is the transmission of files faster?

Sometimes I have experienced SLOW transmission times, receiving and sending, but not all the time. I am trying to figure out if the upgrade would be worth it. Speed of transmission would be the determining factor for me.
Hmmm, not sure about transmission times. I pay about 4.95 a month with sendyourfiles.com. Transmission time takes a loooong time, but I thought that's just the way it was.

Try this before you do anything -- use the CSRNation tool and see how fast/slow that one is. It may save you $29.95!! There is one drawback, though, and that is I am not alerted when the files are downloaded (which is something I like with sendyourfiles.com).

Let me know how it works out!
The transmission times on sending files depends on the type and speed of your connection either DSL, Modem or any other method and how fast that is. So times on sending files will vary. I tried T3 their free trial and it was no faster than WhaleMail...silly me I was in such a panic I thought it would be, then I realized. I haven't decided if I'm going to switch just yet.
So I tried the free Send Your Files account versus using the You Convert It site through CSR Nation. They both took me about 16 minutes to upload a 36 mb file. Send Your Files was slightly faster. They both took about 3 minutes to download this same file. The SYF link was only available for 3 days, while the other is good for 7 days. The CSR Nation one is also great because you don't have to register or worry about paid accounts. The only reason to use the SYF in my opinion would be is if you need a paid account with the faster send times and bells and whistles.


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