Hi...anyone have any information on a site I can go to to send my text as well as my audio files? I've been using WhaleMail and at the moment the server is down and having problems. I need to get a few files to my scooper. Any suggestions?



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When I tried to use You Convert It on CSRNation, it kept stopping and says file too large at 532 mb with a limit of 300 mb, although it says 1000 mb size limit in the fineprint below. I've tried several times and it still doesn't work.
I did try it, but I think my connection's really slow here and it was taking FOREVER. I didn't have the patience. Then I remembered I had SugarSync and was able to send a link to the file with no problem at all. There is a monthly/yearly fee for that, but I don't remember how much it is. Thanks for the for the information, though. I may give it a try at home with a faster connection.
I am using turbo broadband with Time Warner cable. It's on special at an add'l $10 per month. They have three speeds avail and this is the fastest, and well worth it. I just sent 265 pgs to my scopist, the wave file too, in 45 minutes thru YouSendIt.com. I just bought a Linksys N Ultra Range wireless router last night, so that should help, too.

Good luck:)
Hi, everyone. I don't post on here often, but wanted to give everyone another option here.
I'm a scopist that has been using Dropbox with the reporters that I work with. It is so cool that I'm dropping my paid subscription at sendthisfile.com to the free version that Jeanese talked about for a back-up plan.

You create shared folders and just drop the files, including audio and whatever else, into it. It has a lot of neat features, and it's free too. www.dropbox.com
Cheri, I am always interested in learning about new ways to send large files.

Dropbox.com took me to an advertisement site, but I did find Getdropbox.com. Is that the one you mean?
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE mydocsonline.com. I've used it for years with virtually NO problems, and the speed is pretty good. The fee is about five bucks a month, more if you need more storage, and worth every penny. They charge me quarterly, the site has been down once in two years, for a few hours, and when I needed tech support, I emailed them and a live person CALLED ME BACK AT 10:30 at night. Can't beat that!
Sorry, Jenny. Yes, www.getdropbox.com is it. Another thing that I really like is that if I'm working, I will get a little pop-up box that tells me that files were added or something like that. It will really come in handy doing dailies so that the reporter can share the file on a break. I don't have to wait for an email to tell me that there are files there or keep checking for it. Another advantage is that if something gets accidentally deleted, you can restore it from their servers for 30 days.

Deborah, I've heard good things about mydocsonline.com from someone else too. That's great customer service!


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