Hello everyone. Where can i purchase a shim bar for my writer? I know someone that can place it in the writer for me so there is no need for me to send it to a company.

Thank you CSR nation :)

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Hi, Kwanna.

Have you seen the "Do-It-Yourself Shim" article?

"For a Good (steno) Time ....."
Ohmygosh, Kwanna. I saw the do-it-yourself shim article too. However, I would never recommend shimming your writer on your own. Never.

I know it looks pretty difficult!!!. Besides, i would prefer someone with experience handle this task.

Anymore suggestions?
Use a thin piece of plastic. This is a good excuse to cut up a credit card and use a strip of that, since it is about the right thickness and length. You can also use cardboard, like a business card. The plastic is more durable.

I assume you are talking about shortening the stroke on a Stentura writer, shimming it so the keys don't have to be pressed down as far.

Call me if you have any questions.



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