I've noticed lately this is becoming more popular to do.  I like to keep up on technology and want to be able to provide this service, but I have never used Skype and not sure what you are supposed to do.

Anyone know how to set this up on depositions?  I went to Youtube to watch some videos, but the videos are more on a personal nature talking to friends and chatting through the computer (typing) at the same time.  That's not quite what I'm looking for.

I'm sure there are others of us that would love to learn how to use this feature.  I'd love to hear from any reporters that have used Skype on depositions. 

I know lots of job offers lately are going out on CSRnation looking for a reporter that can Skype.  I want to learn more about this.

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No, I actually didn't have a Skype number for the attorney ahead of time.  I put in his name, and it pulled up his info.  It shows the city the person is in too so you know you have the right person if it's a kind of common name.  Then I just clicked on his name and clicked "video call."  It was really easy.  I did have his phone number, so if I wasn't able to find him on Skype for some reason, I could have got him on the speakerphone and just asked then.

Before you do your first Skype job, it helps to do a practice run with Skype with the reporting agency or a friend just so you won't be seeing the program for the first time at the job.  I was kind of surprised it was as easy to use as it was.

Yeah.  I'd probably Skype with my husband.  Have him in his office and me in mine and do it that way.  He's used Skype before.  Thanks for answering all my questions.  Doesn't seem all that difficult. 


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