Hello All,
Due to a suspiciously phrased e-mail I just received I have to wonder if there is any knowledge among us if we should worry about identity theft? Often I have networked with other companies through e-mail and networking web sites. Only they are part of the NCRA or CLVS and I can find them with our listings. This one was not listed.

The e-mail I got from
Patrick Gump, J.D.
Litigation Support Services Analyst
National Court Reporters, Inc.
Email pgump@nationalcourtreporters.com
Website www.nationalcourtreporters.com
Toll Free 888.800.9656 Fax 866.819.2317

just seemed to slightly mimic many of the "bad" e-mails out their in the virtual world that we are often warned of. Perhaps it is a legit company and person. I do not know because they are not listed.

Would anyone have any information on spam e-mails, and or this company or guy?

Thank you for your help.
Chris Weiss
CFA Productions
Wilmington, De

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I don't know about this company. I do know (from personal experience, I'm afraid) to watch out for anything that asks for your text message. Once they have that, you're signed up for something that will cost you each month on your bill. And when you go through the company, they stonewall you and say they can't remove you without more info. Only way I could get out of it was to call my credit card company and insist that they not pay this outfit with its various aliases. And I confirmed our standing request that they call us about any charge that seems suspect.

The slimeballs that got far further than they should have with me were connected with a site that offered free viewing of TV shows.
Hi Chris,
What are they asking you for?
I am guessing they are asking you to join their data base so they can post it on the net.
They dont seem to be an identity theft scam, they just want your info.

The guy says he found me through CLVS which I am listed in. Then asks me to network with his company, and send listing of fees. Seems normal for the most part. Only I can't find them in the NCRA listing, they do not ask for a listing of my gear (read through it again), how I work, etc. I've caught a number of spam e-mails in the past 2 months and a few of which could cause my identity to be stolen. I guess I'm just a bit guarded due to such things going on a little too much this summer.

I understand that there is another CR organization as well as the AGCV. Only that is another thing that is often brought up with internet networking in my experience. If they are in a different group, why did he not mention which one? Hmm
Being a 'bit guarded" is a very good thing and if it sounds "fishy" I would avoid it.
Personally I would rather be safe then sorry.

Also, I just though of a great scam (hehe!) which is scaring me.
I can act like i am an agency, call reporters and videographers, tell them i want to hire them for a job tomorrow and then ask them for all their information (name, address, SS#.. etc)

oh my god, thats scary!!
*thinking if I ever gave my info to an "agency" that didn't call me*

What ever you do, do NOT ever give them anything other than your maybe rates and email address.
Another reason to get an EIN and hand that out instead of SS.
Kyung, I believe there is still the chance of identity theft even with EIN#.
Monti does have a point with how easy it is to steal a CR or Vid. person's identity. I'm very guarded about both SS & EIN #'s.
BTW, I never responded to the e-mail that was sent to me and started this chain. The NCRA confirmed they are not a NCRA member, with the add on of the company not being known to them even in other circles. So, it could have been someone trying what Monti relayed.

Stay sharp everyone. :-)


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