Any recommendations for steno repair company?  Personal Touch in Foster City doesn't seem to be in business any longer.  Thanks!

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TopCat Steno.  Been using them for decades.

What Marge said.  They are great people.

There's a guy in San Carlos that I've always used.  I'm not sure he works on the newer machines, though.  I know a few years back Stenograph was not letting him work on the Diamante I remember.  Maybe that's changed.  Can't remember his name, though.  I bet you could look it up.

Ah, Personal Touch Steno in Belmont.  That's it. 

Victor was in Foster City as of a year ago.   He can't work on Diamantes technically.   Maybe he changed careers which would be too bad because he is the only person in Bay Area to fix machines.   Maybe there is just not enough profit in it now.   I have his telephone number if you need it.

Yes, I could use his phone number.  Thanks.

I called his number and got an answering machine for Personal Touch Steno.  1-415 584-3893

How stupid of me!  I had the area code as 408!!  Thank you so much, just called and left a message.



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