I know I'm behind the times, but I've been paying RealLegal $25 a month for years simply to send my scopists WAV files.  I don't really use it as a storage facility.  Does anyone have any recommendations for an easy and free way to upload WAV files for my scopists to retrieve?


Kelly Lee Polvi, RMR, CSR

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T3, Total Transcript Transfer charges 25 I think and that is who I use.  It's either 25 or 15, forget which, but I love their software.  Wouldn't use anything else.  Sorry, but I don't trust free when you are working on a daily and it may not work.


I think DropBox may have a free way to send audio files, though.  Also YouSendIt.com, etc.

I also use T3, I'm on the $9.95/month plan and have NEVER had issues....It's worth it just for peace of mind, and I think I can use up to three or five scopists? I only have two that I use currently, but never had an issue and would HIGHLY recommend..

I have been using mydocsonline.com for years and am very happy with them.  I paid about $60 for the year, I think.  I used to pay quarterly, but I finally bit the bullet and paid for a year.  I had an issues once at 10:00 p.m. at night, emailed them, and got a phone call back from a very helpful tech person 15 minutes later.  That sold me.  Also, it's very easy to use.
I'll check those both out.  I also signed up for DropBox, the free version.
I posted a similar question recently.  Dropbox was recommended.  I installed it and did a test run and it worked just fine.  Also, it's free.
I just feel like you get what you pay for.  Makes me nervous to use a service that's free in case it doesn't work that one time you are on a daily.  I just can't risk it.  You can't really complain too loudly if you are getting the service for free.



I also use T3, but there are now more and more law offices that block large file transfers being sent from their location.  I've been able to get around the issue by using Dropbox.  I copy the files into my desktop Dropbox folder, and my scopist is able to go in there and download it.   I've had no reliability issues with Dropbox, but have had many issues with other file transfer programs.  I tried the free sendthisfile and yousendit, etc., and they slow down the transfer rate for the free service to the point it's not functional for large wav files.  That's been my experience, anyway.

I just could never figure out how to use the Dropbox.  It sounds great and I would even pay for it, but for some reason I had a hell of a time setting it up last year when you were talking about it.  I know I did something wrong.

I'm glad I'm not the only one that couldn't figure out Dropbox.


Go to myotherdrive.com and sign up for their service. I don't know what they charge, but it's minimal and very easy to use.

Cathy Houser

Myotherdrive sounds interesting.  I'm checking with myotherdrive to see if they are archival (will hold files you have deleted from the computer you are using) so that you could transfer .wav files for transcripts you have produced and get them off your main computer.  I use carbonite, but it's not archival.  To be able to use it to transfer files and backup could be ideal.

I love myotherdrive.com. It stores everythinh for you and you never have to delete anything! It's like your own drive. And when you use a scopist, you do have to give up your password to her, but it's no biggie. She just chhoses the file she's supposed to have and it's great!



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