One of my girlfriends sent her Diamante in to have the retrofit for the shorter stroke done.  When she got the writer back, it was clear it was not done.  Of course, Stenograph charged her whatever the price to do it was, 250 or something.  I don't remember now.

Anyway, she was at my house for a mini seminar a few weeks back and I tried out her writer.  It was clear to me also that Stenograph did not do the retrofit that they charged her for.  I let her try my Diamante that I had gotten back after being retrofitted and there was a clear difference.

So my girlfriend called Stenograph to have the machine sent back in to have them do the work she was charged for.  Here is her email to me after talking to Stenograph:

"We need to start a thread about what assholes Stenograph are.    They're arguing with me and saying
it was done already.   I explained I checked it against yours and it wasn't done.   They're saying that they
won't do anything with it w/o charging me again.    Total assholes.   Sat on hold for 15 minutes and only
got a complete runaround.
I think I'm going to have to buy a Passport so that I can get a shorter stroke.   Don't know what else to do."
I would be livid if this happened to me.  Stenograph charging for work that they do not do.  So not okay.

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I think she should insist on talking to the customer service supervisor there to get it straightened out.  That is not right.

Have her talk with a local SG person and maybe bring the machine to that person to prove the point.  Hopefully that helps break through this mess.   To further prove the point, maybe Buddy at TopCat Steno could take a look and see from the innards what, if any, work was done.   

I called Stenograph two days ago to find out where my "audio" was since I ordered it two weeks ago.  I was told it would be an update, and to call technical support.  I called support, and they said the wait was 30 minutes, although I could leave my number and I will be called back in the order they received my call.  Needless to say, they never called me back.  I called back later that evening, and they were closed.  Since my support doesn't include nights apparently, I had to wait until the next day to call, only to find out that the audiosync I purchased on their website is an update, and they walked me through it.  I wish they would have just put it on their website that it is not a disk, but an update.  I was also mad that when I purchased Case 13, it didn't automatically come with audio.  When I called to find out why I didn't get it, they said since I didn't have it on Case 3.2, I didn't get it with 13.  Meanwhile, I wish the rep would have told me when I bought it, since it was only $95 more.  I have to admit though, their rep was very nice to me.

Yes, I would try to get a hold of an SG person locally and take it over and show it to her/him (this is regarding the Diamante)  Maybe they can help be your advocate.  It could be somebody simply forget to do it or thought they did it and are now CYAing. 

I have never had a 30-minute wait from SG and never had them not call me back that day out of the 2 dozen times I have called them for help over the years.  I don't understand why SG customer service is always getting trashed. I know it's one of Kelli's favorite subjects but still...(ha ha)

but then I've never NOT kept up my contract, so I've never encountered those problems with updating.

The only negative is that they are not available in the evening or weekends without a special fee being charged, which I could see would be a problem in an emergency, but I've never needed it.

CIndy Chartman over on Depoman can answer lots of questions if you post over on Depoman site, so there is lots of help, and she stops by almost every day.

Who is the SG person locally?  I'd love to have my friend do that.  I never thought of that idea. 

Hi Kelli,

I've always dealt with Terri Wilson, , here in SF.  I think she covers the peninsula too.  Super nice and very helpful (at least with me).


Thanks, Eric

I'll email her right now with Terri's email address.  You know who my friend is, Eric.  She's thinking about getting the Passport after trying yours at my house.  She loved the touch and now that Eclipse has worked out all the bugs.....

yes, I know who it is.  We've already emailed each other on it.  Hope it works out for her. 


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