For those who don't know my background, I had been forced to live on the "super cheap" for four years  In starting over with court reporting several years ago, I had to buy the cheapest writer I could find.  I chose the Stenoram II, for it's looks and quality.  The touch is fantastic. 


Last week I bought another Stenoram II off e-bay for $80.00.  I cleaned it up a little.  I adjusted the stroke spacing to almost nothing.  (Another story - another paragraph).  Plugged it in (battery doesn't work), attached my newly-fixed realtime cable - and I now have a second writer in my home office sat up just for transcribing.  All for $100 (I had to pay for shipping).


I realize most of you have the disks or the memory cards - but for those few of us who don't fit into that category, we can do it cheaper.

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Brilliant, Mary Jo. I love your DIY stories. :)

I wish I hadn't traded in my FlashWriter to Stenograph for the Diamante. I would have been happy to give it to you. It still worked perfectly. I'm sure Stenograph refurbed it and sold it for more than they took it in from me.

Do you have a Batteries Plus store near you?  They might sell those lead-acid batteries that the StenoRam II uses.  I got replacement batteries for my BaronTX from there before I got rid of it, and it was a heck of a lot cheaper than what Stenograph and the other CR supply houses were selling them for at that time.

Those old writers do have a durability about them that you won't find in the newer writers, like a metal shell.  They also weigh a ton and a half!


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