Well, my little finger ganglion cyst that my PCP excised ten days ago, stitches come out tomorrow, can't believe the costs, supposed cash costs, because my deductible is so high, are this:

$1,600 to $2,100 for a 20 to 30 minute surgery.

$500 for anesthesia, which I absolutely don't need.  My PCP numbed my finger with good old Lidocaine.

Approximately $1,000 for the doctor fee.

These are prices supposedly discounted for cash.  I can guarantee you no insurance company would pay these prices.  They'd cut it in half probably. 

So $2,500 to $3,500 for a 20 to 30 minute ganglion excision.

Actually, there's a good chance this will now dissolve on its own since my PCP drained it. He said there was some cyst sitting on the joint in my finger so he wanted an orthopedic or hand surgeon to do it.  He was FLOORED at the prices, saying he was in the wrong line of the medical field.  He said the doctor fee should be no more than $250.

I've written all week with just a small band-aid over the stitches, not pain or stiffness or anything or any problems writing.  Didn't have any of that before either, just this above the skin cyst that kept breaking open when it got bumped or wet.  So between cold laser and castor oil hot packs, I think I can get rid of it all together if it even comes back up top.

I guess I could be one of these people who if they lost their ability to type because this did get worse and they couldn't afford surgery, I could apply for Social Security Disability and let the government help support me!  A broken system is an understatement.

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I've seen Moore's movies Sicko and Capitalism, A Love Story.  I'll see if Roger and Me is available on Netflix.  Thanks.

If you own your home and they put a lien on it, you are okay as long as you stay in the home until you die.  Each county has a health department - and some provide better services than others. And some even have a dental department.  There are also the non-government health services (just got to do some searching.  And there is also Hill-Burton.  If something super-major happens, you will get county medical care.  If necessary, you can declare bankruptcy to get rid of it.  (But that won't matter because your credit won't matter at that point).

Mary Jo,

I poked around at the sliding scale clinics and such.  They don't do these kind of surgeries, or most surgeries.  They have to refer out for that and they told me that mostly the docs it gets referred to do not offer special discounts like the clinic does.  I'm not worried about the major stuff; I'm concerned about the little stuff that costs you an arm and a leg without insurance.

You might find this article interesting, "The cure for the $1000 toothbrush."


Awesome Alice!  Thanks!

Excellent article, Alice.  Thanks for posting.

Here is another one that just came up:  How to Charge $546 for Six Liters of Saltwater



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