Are there directions anywhere for performing the above task?  New Stylus user.

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Have you gone on the ProCAT website?  They answer a lot of questions there under "FAQ's."  

Been on the site, but not a topic that's discussed.  My software tech (DigitalCAT) indicates it's a writer problem; maybe a setting?  I can see my notes just fine in preview w/StylusSync, but when they're imported, they're changed/strokes missing, etc., and the translated file contains tons of untranslates that include a forward slash.  Really love the machine...just want it to work properly.  Thanks, Christina.

When you try to import through SylusSync, are you checking "steno" or "text"?  I think "text" imports it in the RTF format, which is what I thought you had to do if you used a different software.  But I could be wrong....

Maybe try going on their Facebook page and putting the question there.  Let them know what happens when you try to import.  (I'm assuming you don't have a service contract with them so calling is out of the question.)  Just an idea.  Hope you get it figured out.

Thanks, Christi


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