does anyone know of a good program on the internet or good, inexpensive place to do your taxes in southern california?  thanks!

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I've been using Turbo Tax for a while now, but next year I'll be using a CPA.  I found him through several recommendations from my friends/family.  I don't live in your area, but I'd start with your friends or fellow reporters near where you live.  If you can find someone who is familiar with your type of work, you will have a much easier time of it.

Turbo Tax would the the last program I'd use.  One year my husband and I used that program and it said we owed $65,000 in taxes for State and Federal.  We went to a CPA and ended up paying about 20,000 less.  Maybe we did it wrong.  Doubt it though.

I have a great accountant, but he's in Northern California.  He's also far from cheap.  I usually write him a check for $1800 when he does my taxes, but he's so worth it.

I've always had mine done by my mother on Turbo Tax, but you really need to know how to use the program and what boxes to open up with all the different questions.  My sister has taken over, so in the last two years I sit with her to do mine, but if I didn't have her next to me, I wouldn't know how to use the program.


Eleanor Kim

Code-4 Tax Services



You can go in and see her or you can mail her stuff.  She is an enrolled agent, so if you do get audited, she will represent you.

I have referred several court reporters to her.  She's done my taxes for years now.  I used to go to Phil Liberatore, but he's too expensive.

Please let her know that I referred you if you decide to go with her.  She's very friendly and nice.

thanks so much kyung!

I use an enrolled agent, too.  I think it's fine for a court reporter, instead of a CPA.   If the EA has experience in self-employed taxpayers that's probably a good idea.

My sister does mine (CPA).  She's doing them right now, actually.  What do you do about your 1099s not matching what you have showing for deposits?  I keep very good track of all my deposits, and it never matches my 1099s.  This year I have 13 1099s and they total about 11k less than what I show I have.  She always wants me to declare it all, but...

My EA said you need to match the 1099, so think of it as free money.

More likely to get audited if your numbers don't match, so get 'em to match.


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