I read another reporter's transcript the other day, and I noticed when the attorney is quoting from an exhibit, she didn't put in any quotes at all. 


I think it's sloppy not to use quotes when something is read into the record.   Also, I put quoted material in a parenthetical set off.  I think it looks nice.  Here is an example:


Q      I don't expect you to remember what was said, but below that it says:
                         "The parent's obligation to provide

                           funding for the surviving corporation

                          including, without limitation, funding to

                          pursue the achievement of the milestones

                          shall be at parent's sole discretion to be

                          exercised in good faith."

           Do you have an independent understanding of what that means?


What do you all do?

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The purpose of fon size, lower case print, capitalizing, bolding, italics, is to reflect differentiation and importance (or significance of each block of wording) (for lack of better wording) of written material.  We don't buy books written in all caps.  I can't imagine a transcript in all caps.

The first agency I worked for did all caps.  I hated it but had no choice.  Many agencies down here and I think superior court reporters do all caps.

After I left that agency and went to one that did upper/lower case, I had to correct all those dictionary entries I had put in for nine months in upper case, not realizing I could edit in upper/lower and just print in caps!

Now I freelance, and I do run into a few agencies that prefer all caps, but I ask them if I can not do that, and most are okay with it.  I can't proof with it in all caps, too hard for me to read.

When I worked in Southern California 20 years ago, lots of agencies used all caps.  I did it for quite a few years.  I'm glad it's not used any longer.  It does make for a difficult transcript to read; it's like the transcript is yelling at you.


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