Realtime Coach is offering a free trial starting April 11th.  They have speeds for everyone.  It's a great way to work through test anxiety, knowing you are being graded as you write.  There is an option for analyzing your writing so that you can see what happened just prior to a drop or error, what likely caused it.  Here is some further information:


It's April Madness for reporters. The fact is, skill is money for all of us--officials, freelancers, captioners, CART providers, teachers, and students. And we could all use a little more of both.
On April 11th, the 2011 myRealtimeCoachTM Nationwide Free Trial and Contest gets underway. For 20 days (perfect prep time for May 7th's certification tests) you will have FREE access, including these great prizes and offers:
  • FREE 20-day trial of myRealtimeCoachTM
  • FREE Full-year subscription for the contestant who logs in the most practice time*
  • FREE Full-year subscription for the most contributions to the myRTC Community library*
  • Bonus Everyone can win the all-new "Community/Create Your Own" package with just 15 hours of practice time plus purchase (a $144 value)*
  • 75% OFF add-on subscriptions through April 10th (Coupon Code: AprilMadness)
  • Earn up to 1.0 CEU!
*Visit our Contest Information page for rules and more details on how to get started.

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Thanks for the link.

have you actually tried it?

I was way too busy the last time they had this offer, but would like to try it this year.

I've heard mixed reviews; but since it's free, I really should take advantage of it.   Practicing more certainly can't hurt.  

Thank you for posting this.


You're welcome!

Thank you for posting this!!!

I've been practicing!  The directions the site gave worked for me.  I did have a little issue with my ad blocker in Firefox, but figured it out.  I love adding words to my main dix.  Thanks, Janet, for posting this!

I'm using it for my "online school"  I started at 120 Q&A, three minutes, doing two takes, read the outlines, and compare them to my written stuff.  I'm up to 200.  By end of today or tomorrow I should have a real good gage of what my actual skills are. 


I spent an enormous amount time yesterday looking at my outlines, why I wrote something, and adding to my dictionary.  After tomorrow I will hit the over RPR speeds.  I sure am grateful for NCRA and Realtime Coach right now being free for 20 days.


Mary, you keep putting in all those hours, and you'll win a year free.  The person who logs in the most hours gets a year free.  I hope you're the one to do it!   :)

I want to win a job.
I have to say, all those hours some of those people have logged in, I find it surprising. 


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