I was as a student and currently using CaseCAT (3 years on CAT) and need to upgrade to professional software. For someone who is just coming out of school, I cannot even wrap my mind around the cost of the software and new machine that I need to purchase. Can anybody give me any insight on buying used software and or equipment? Can I even buy used software from somebody? Is it just about an equal cost if I were to buy it new?  I am also strongly considering switching to ECLIPSE.  Before I start calling reps, I don't want to be completely clueless.

Can anybody recommend a good, honest rep ;)?

I really appreciate any feedback from the community. 

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I have switched softwares more times than I can count.  Yeah, it's a huge PITA for about a month, but then your fingers figure it out.  If you are really interested in Eclipse, check it out.  I have been on Cimmarron (one of the original Stenograph products) ProCAT, Case Catalyst, AristoCAT, and Eclipse.  I will never change again.  To me customer service is what's important, and I find Stenograph sadly lacking in that department.  Others may disagree.  You need to figure out what YOU like and what's important to YOU.  If you think about it, how long will your reporting career last?  Pick what you want to stick with in the long run.  If it's CC, fine.  If it's Eclipse, investigate it.  I don't think there's anything wrong with buying used software.  Yes, you pay the transfer fee, but if it adds up to less, than why not?  And I'm sure all the companies have some sort of monthly deals they will work out.  You can buy a used writer too.  I am about to sell my Mira, in fact.  I recently bought a Diamante on a 0% lease.  I am paying $190/month until it's paid off.  Good luck to you.


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