URGENT!!! CALL TO ACTION: CALIFORNIA -- AB 788 will allow copies of transcripts!!!

Please act NOW!  This is from the CCRA, if you have not already received it.  Please fax a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee and urge them to vote NO. They vote TOMORROW, Tuesday, July 2, 2013!


CCRA is taking direct action to fight against AB 788 (Wagner) and we need your help!  Tomorrow, July 2nd, 2013, the Senate Judiciary Committee will hear this bill.  We need to kill this bill NOW!

This bill authored by Assembly Member Wagner amends GC69954 and allows purchasers of transcripts to reproduce one or more copies or portions of the transcript.  This would jeopardize the integrity of our written record.  Court Reporters are the guardians of the record.  As such, we must oppose this amendment.

CCRA opposes this bill.  This would allow litigants to reproduce transcripts without further compensation to the reporter.  Reporters have not had a transcript increase in over 23 years! 

YOU MUST ACT TODAY - NOW!  We need to let members of the Senate Judiciary Committee know why this bill should not pass!  Please join us in this urgent fight!

Please take a few minutes today to complete and fax an opposition letter on AB 788 to each of the members of the Senate Judiciary Committee listed below, who will be voting on this bill very soon.  Urge a NO vote.  

Please click here for a sample fax letter.  Your family, co-workers and friends can join faxing letters as well.

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Apparently this bill is already dead.

This came from Lisa Michaels:

This bill is dead.  It died last week.  CCRA is wrong and it isn't even on the calendar to be heard tomorrow. We heard about it at our board meeting last Saturday.
 I get CCRA's e-notes and forwarded this to our leg team.   DRA is writing an e-note now to tell everyone not to panic and hopefully CCRA and our members will read it 

Who's Lisa Michaels? Are you SURE it's dead? The link says it's still an active bill. How could the CCRA be wrong? Shouldn't they be on top of these things? This went out early this morning from CCRA. It's a little late not to panic. If this bill is active, it is disaster for our profession.  :/

Lisa Michaels past president of DRA.   They are usually up on the latest.

Lisa Michaels is right.  The Bill is NOT on calendar. Here is DRA's announcement:

Lots of positive news to report from Sacramento!

Your DRA, working in collaboration with our sister organizations COCRA and CCRA and our allies in the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME), have scored some significant legislative victories in Sacramento this year.

This bill by Republican Assemblymember Donald Wagner would have amended the law requiring lawyers to purchase transcript copies from official reporters.  The bill was opposed by all reporter organizations (your DRA included) and SEIU and AFSCME. The bill DIED LAST WEEK when the Assemblymember agreed not to pursue it this year. No action is needed! The bill has not been set for hearing in the Senate Judiciary Committee on July 2. See for yourself at the link below and notice there is no announced date for any hearing: 



So please do not send faxes or emails or put in calls to the Committee expressing opposition to a bill that won't be heard on July 2.

AB 251 (Wagner) - DEAD AS OF APRIL 9!  
This bill would have allowed for ER in family law courts.  It got crushed in the Assembly Judiciary Committee, with no Democrats and only three Republicans voting for it. (Assemblymember Wagner, a Republican, is Vice-Chair of the Committee).

AB 566 (Weickowski) YAY!! ALIVE AND KICKING!
This SEIU, AFSCME-sponsored bill, supported by DRA and others, would make the Judicial Council abide by the same common-sense rules that apply to every other government agency when it comes to privatizing court services, as with ER.  It passed out of the Senate Judiciary Committee on June 25 (DRA showed up to lend support) and is now in the Senate Appropriations Committee.

As part of the Governor's plan to re-organize state government, the Department of Consumer Affairs - which houses the Court Reporters Board -- is part of the new Business, Consumer Services and Housing Agency.  But, don't worry. Nothing will change when it comes to the Board, Board members, or the laws regulating your license. 




Biz of Reporting Large  

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Wonderful news!!    Proud to be a CalDRA member!

Me, too, Marge!

Just odd that CCRA would make such a mistake and not bother to send out a correction. >:/


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