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Since most, if not all, "videotaped" depositions are now digitally recorded using DVDs and not videotape, I was wondering if any of you have used something along the lines of "DIGITAL VIDEO DEPOSITION OF..." on the title page of your video-recorded depositions instead of "VIDEOTAPED DEPOSITION OF..."?  I have actually seen this one time from a CSR in San Diego but it is certainly the exception rather than the rule at this point. 

I am a proofreader, and most of my client base is in California, and it seems, at least in California, that agencies out there have not directed their reporters to "correct" what has now become somewhat of a misnomer.  "Videotaped" suggests, at least to me, old technology.

Just curious, are reporters in other parts of the country besides California still using "videotaped"?

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Still saying videotaped in my depos in Northern California.

Interesting question.  I'd say that the terminology and concept of a videotaped deposition done by a videographer is too ingrained to tinker with it.  Isn't it still a video regardless of the mechanism?  One definition of video I just found:   "The appearance of text and graphics on a video display" and it's being taped, regardless of onto what, so I say we stick to the reference to videotaped deps.  What do you think?

Do you call yourself a videographer or a digital videographer?  There are two coined  terms for electronics: (1) audio and (2) video.    Never has it been specifically stated cassette video, or reel to reel tape (1950's) video.  For the technology available in that time period, it has always just been called video.  Therefore a video is an appropriate term - no matter how it got to be a video.  Sorry, but I just got the impression here you were trying to show how smart you are.  I've never even seen the word "videotaped" in any deposition.  Just video.

I use "videotaped deposition of" on my title page.   Never thought to use "video deposition of."  Something to consider.   

Chris, I don't perceive your question in any way to be trying to show how smart you are.  It's a good question and it got us thinking.

Same here, Marge.

Also, Chris is a proofreader and not a VAOFR.  He made that very clear.

Thank you, Marge.  :-)

Marge,  if I learned nothing else from this conversation, at least I learned a new brief for videographer. LOL.  14 years reporting and I still write that out. 

VAO/VAOFR, great briefs, happy to help!

I've never seen anyone use the DIGITAL VIDEO DEPOSITION OF. 

Chris, I think this is a good question.  I have been using "Videotape Deposition of".

I must have been in a mean mood this morning.  Sorry, Chris.


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