Is anyone out there using Vonage for their telephone?

Just wondering if the service is as good as advertsied?

Do you get a lot of dropped calls?

My husband wants to get rid of our landline. Unfortunately, the cell reception in my area is not good enough to do that.


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I really really dont like Vonage, I used them for 10 days and immediately disconnected it.
google "vonage sucks" and you will be amazed of how much results you get back, they are one of the most hated companies I have ever came across.
We've had Vonage for about 6 months - our quality is pretty good unless my son is on XBOX Live at the same time! It's ok, but we're still paying $24.99 a month for a phone we barely use.
Cons: I can't get the fax to work, and I think they charge a termination fee if you discontinue service.

I saw something on the news about another company (ooma) where you purchase their "box" and never have to pay a monthly fee for phone service (at least until they go out of business)! I probably would have tried that if I had heard of it before Vonage. I don't know how good it is, though.

I have been using them for about a year and I haven't had any problems...they are cheap. The only thing is, if you constantly have internet problems then you will have phone problems.
Some friends of mine had Vonage for about two months. They lived in Temecula. Constant dropped calls, not receiving messages, and no service at all were among their main problems. Switching to Vonage obviously didn't work well for them!
The big problem begins when you are trying to switch away from Vonage.
cancellation fees, they hold your number hostage, they keep billing you.. etc
I've had Vonage for almost two years and have never had an issue with the quality of my calls, the service, internet use or fax use. I get good cell phone coverage and so we got rid of our landline. I have my fax machine sharing the same line as our telephone, and we have four extension phones in the house as well as Dish Network using a phone jack. When the internet goes out, the phones don't work, but we have four cell phone numbers in the house to use in emergencies. Same if there is a power outage, no Vonage. I think I've had one power outage in that time. I used to have to always restart the Vonage router because the internet would freeze and nothing would work. Drove me crazy and I called them. They ran me through everything and told me to connect the cables in a different configuration and I haven't had a problem since.

For $25 a month, unlimited calls, I can't beat that.
Last month we took the cable company's one year offer, bundled TV, Internet and phone. Paying $22 monthly for phone. Have not had a single problem; no dropped calls; no fax interruptions; no internet problems. They installed a back-up system also and we weren't charged any install fees. So far so good. Didn't try Vonage because of all of the negative things I heard about it. Plus, if there are problems w/cable we've got several cell phones at hand.
It's really nice to not have to pay AT&T $100 a month!
Good Luck :)
This is good to know. Could you provide a phone number for your VOIP system and where they're based? It would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks again :)
I had Vonage for almost four years and loved it. Never one issue ever. I had it as a phone/fax line. I never had the unlimited, I had the $14.99, as I have a cell phone. Then I dropped down to the $9.99 because i just needed it for faxing. Then I read on a CR forum about TrustFax internet faxing and realized I don't need a landline at all. I hated to get rid of the Vonage because it was so great and cheap. I am in NY with no internet connection issues. Maybe the service is different in rural areas. I recommend it to everyone. My parents got it, my brother got it, my friends got it. They got the Verizon FIOS internet and TV but have the Vonage for phone because it's cheaper and the service is excellent.
I had Vonage. Price was great, but when I made calls, a lot of the time the other party could not hear me. So they sent me new modem and it made it a little better. However, if you lose power in a power outage or your computer is out, no phone. But I guess you could use your cell phone in those instances.
Well, willy-nilly have switched over to Vonage. I'll review in a while.

Thanks for all the feedback. Really appreciate ite.
I used it for over 1 year.. but service was not that great. Some calls would come in and out (similar to a cell phone when you're going thru a bad area) I switched to Magic Jack and LOVE it AND it's only 19 dollars a year. You do pay for the equipment and 1 year up front which ends up being about 45 bucks.. and it plugs into the back of your computer port. I've had it for a couple of months now and no problems. And the best part is... NO MONTHLY BILL!


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