I remember reading sometime ago about the website that will convert an ASCII into an E-tran for $10. Brenda, I do believe (if my mind isn't completely blank) that you posted that you use it all the time.

Can someone please give me the URL? Real has gone up to $30 a pop if you can believe that one, which is an increase of 50 percent. Nuf is nuf.


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Here is one thread about that topic: thread about e-transcripts

Here is one of the websites on that thread: Oteconline

There is one post missing from that thread. I know there was another link to a New York-based service that offered e-transcript for 10 bucks, but it's been removed from that thread. I see my reply to it, but the post itself that I replied to is gone.

Sheesh, it's not Halloween yet, is it?
Greg Adelson used to do it for $10. You can find him here on CSRnation.

$30? Maybe I should start a side business too.
I was thinking the same thing, Judy. That is a nice way to incorporate additional income for sure.

Here is that link from that missing post on the thread I mentioned previously: ascii2etran
Sure is! My only problem is I'm not at my computer 100% of the time. And, as we all know, court reporters are a need-it-now! bunch (only because of attorneys, tho) and I couldn't handle people yelling at me when I could do nothing about it. All for ten bucks. Maybe if everybody could handle 24-hour turnaround :)
wow, I didn't know they had gone up to $30. I'd be interested in this site too
We have a staff that will do it for 7.50. Limited time offer. Email Jobs@goldenstatereporting.com
See Roberta-Anne with Premier Reporting. She has a page on this site and she offers this service at $10. I use her service whenever I need a conversion and haven't had any problems. Good luck.
E-trans is old technology. PDF is the legal standard. Min-U-Script sells one license for $250 or so,
and creates pdf, condensed, index, exhibits, ASCII all in one file. Don't need any viewers and don't need to convert the etranscript to use in lit. support programs. Or you can buy Adobe 9 software
and make pdf's yourself and also condensed transcripts. One-time fee; no monthly fees.
$10 an etranscript?? Not worth it in my opinion. Also have lots of pdf-converter softwares you
can download for $10 total - probably can tweak those to make them work also. Give your clients
pdf - no more etranscripts!!

I like your response. Please see my question (new posting) about video/transcript syncing software. Maybe you can recommend something.

Karen, if one were to purchase the Adobe 9 and/or Min-U-Script, can you e-mail the condensed transcript and/or word index to clients without them having to download a a reader? TIA.
Yes, you can. Every computer comes with FREE Adobe Reader already installed. Even
MACs can open pdf files.
If you're interested in an E-tran alternative, look at Bundler from Clarity Legal Software. It does everything E-tran does and it's a free download for court reporters. Might be worth a look see.



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