What's the subject matter of the most/least interesting case you've worked on?

Right now I'm working on a herbicide case.  FYI, don't put soybean herbicide on corn or corn herbicide on soybeans.  You'll kill your crop.  

One interesting thing I learned, it only takes like two teaspoons of soybean fertilizer mixed w/ 1500 gallons of water to cover about 400 acres.  

Okay, so this case would be put in the pile with my least interesting.  What about you?  What interesting or boring topics have you reported on?

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I once did a depo at a chicken processing plant.  The smell was so nasty that I still remember it some 20 years later.  :)


Janiece, that counterfeit bill leading to him getting caught just reminded me of the scariest defendant I've ever had to sit in a courtroom with, Leo Felton.   He was caught by passing a counterfeit bill in a Dunkin Donuts with an off-duty cop in line behind him.   He had no life in his eyes. 




This picture was an exhibit:


Leo Felton

Looks like a scary dude, Janet.  

I agree with the assessment of interpreted Workers' Comp as the most boring.

I had once expert witness, an accident reconstructionist, who ranked among the most interesting.  It was like reporting McGyver.  Another time it was the director of a famous footrace; just interesting to see how that all worked.  Having recently moved to the D.C. area, the interest level of both my reporting and CART jobs just went way, way up.  It is really interesting to be privy to the ways in which decisions that affect us all are made.

I will always remember the actress who divorced her famous director husband, gave up custody of her children, and gave her marriage settlement to her "Master" or, you know, swami guy.  And they had sex on a Mercy Seat "for cleansing purposes" and some such nonsense.   The Master guy walked into the depo, and his eyes were piercing to your soul.  Major creepy.

I had a depo of a guy suing Google and the depo was about how the Google-bot works.  You know, the bot that scans the internet for words.  It was kind of interesting.  Not sure I understood it all.

I did a case involving allegations of a cult and a certain amount of brainwashing.  Had to do with a type of martial arts, so there was a lot of talk about "Master" and other such nonsense.  Very interesting case. 

I have a hunch I know who this is.  We lived in the Oakland-Berkeley area between 1977-1994. 

In December I did a 10-day marathon depo on Florida's largest Ponzi-scheme.

The material covered bribes, extortion, mobsters, escorts & pot.  The most entertaining and stressful depo I've ever done.




OMG!  I saw a show on that guy Rothstein called American Greed.  What a corrupt person and what a cocky SOB!!!   He owned how many designer watches????  It's almost like an addiction.   Well, the watches apparently were nothing compared to murder, adultery and buying off politicians.   

Boy, my jobs are boring compared to the rest of you.  I did take the deposition of Anthony Robins in San Diego.  That guy is so full of himself.  I had no respect for him at the end of the day.  He definitely does NOT practice what he preaches, that's all I'll say.

I wish I got American Greed on my TV.  I've heard it was a pretty good review of him.  I only worked with him as a lawyer a couple of times in the very early '90s.  Very charming but kinda skeevie.


Here's one of the highlights:



Q All right. So you said the only drugs you used were marijuana with your wife. Is she the only -- you didn't -- that wasn't incorporated in the rock-star lifestyle, using drugs with any of your investors or co-conspirators? A No, actually, never. Actually, I had a lot of opportunities to because there was a lot of marijuana smoking going on in my office, but it wasn't something -- I prefer to drink vodka. Q Actually in the office it was going on? A In the office, in the garage, outside the office, I had some partners that couldn't come to work without smoking pot. Q Okay. A I also found out they were actually dealing drugs in the office. I actually tried to put a stop to that.
Q That was one crime you wouldn't tolerated? A No, no, it's not that. I didn't want to draw attention. You don't want to have marijuana dealing from the middle of your law office because I was running a giant Ponzi scheme out of there. Q Did you ever have any of the escorts visit the office? A Yeah. Sure. Q You had had prostitutes in the office, but you wouldn't have pot?
A You're missing the point. The police also were sleeping with my escorts. You, obviously -- listen, Broward Sheriff's Office, Fort Lauderdale Police Department weren't going to bother me, okay, I could have had all the escorts I wanted. Pot, not a great idea in the office, I don't know why, specifically, it bothered me; but it troubled me, probably because they were actually dealing the pot out of the office while I was in the middle of running a several-hundred-million-dollar Ponzi scheme.

The man has no shame.   If only the cops were smoking the pot, then he'd be safe


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