I received some transcripts from others in recent times, and I needed to look them over for consistency, proof them with the audio, make edits, et cetera.

In over 50 percent of the transcripts, I felt as though commas were missing. I realize everybody may have style differences when it comes to commas.

I bring this thread in the General Discussion category because I have read posts on this forum in which I thought commas may be missing, and this is THE most intelligent forum I have ever encountered in this industry, bar none.

Some universities and colleges are requesting students now to only use one space after the period or question mark. In fact, the software of this forum automatically removes the second space after the period, but I am wondering about commas.

Here are some examples of what I am referring to:

EXAMPLE A. Thank you sir.
EXAMPLE C. Well we will be on our way.
EXAMPLE D. Mary look at me when you speak.
EXAMPLE E. Oh yes.
EXAMPLE F. Please answer the question John.
EXAMPLE G. Look at me Henry when you answer the question.

In the above examples, should commas be inserted or not? Please advise, and let me change the error of my old-school ways, if need be. My eyes see eight commas missing.

What say you? TIA!

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You tickled my funny bone with that name: "Comma-Crazy Kamikaze." LOL


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