Which one are you using and why?

I am a CR student dreaming of my first professional machine and software. All the prices are way out of reach. :( During a test today I finally decided I'm over the whole paper thing. I wanted to keep paper optional, but after not being able to find my grease before the test I was fed up.

My fingers and forearms hurt lately. I feel like I'm writing in mush. The depth of this stentura400 is so deep and the touch is far from soft. Yes, it is set very shallow and light.

I've started my research. I want to know everything. I've read cheapandsleazy and some other sites. I'd like your personal opinions. I want the good column and the bad column. Software too. I'm so in the dark about this stuff. I wish we had a machine/software class or something that gave us info on the options. Not just this specific software only. :(


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I'd look for a used Mira if I were you. Diamante is too $$$. Lots of reporters would love to sell their Miras for a Diamante. I bought a Mira a year ago and I love it. If your arms are hurting, you need to get a new machine, and the Mira can be adjusted for a very light touch. When I first got the Mira, I noticed a HUGE difference from my old Smartwriter. Now it's normal to me. Last week I wrote on someone's Stentura and I realized how wonderful my Mira is again.

The paperless is weird at first. I remember the first time someone asked for a readback, I leaned forward to grab my nonexistent notes. They must have wondered why I leaned forward, then sat back up and read.

Good luck finding a good deal.
Hi, Anastasia.

If you do go for a Mira, you might want to make sure you avoid the ones that have floppy disk drives. Since you've been to my (cheap and sleazy) website, you know how I feel about writers with floppy drives!
<------- uses Lightspeed and LOVES it.
"I feel like I'm writing in mush." I could have said that about the Stenoram II, but I didn't know how to say it.

If your forearms hurt, you may have the machine at a bad level. We were taught in school, I have mine to the right or left of me (not between my legs - I'm not "doing" it, and a lady is supposed to sit proper) - and the height is just at my lap level, with my hands barely above my lap. I do not have to hold my my arms and my wrists don't have to do manual labor.
Having taken 10 years off due to horrible shoulder, upper back, neck issues, I will never "side saddle" my machine again. You need it between your knees, you need to sit up straight, shoulders relaxed, machine pulled up close so you're not reaching, and you need it at the right level.

I couldn't care less how a lady sits, I am a reporter, and I won't be reporting for long if I don't watch my posture and sit up straight, keep my shoulders down, and straddle my machine. I am not "doing my machine," I am doing my job. Though their are days where I really do love my Mira! I have been known to pat it goodnight, but that's as far as it's gone... so far.

While I'm lecturing on posture, I have to say that I have seen so many reporters tilt their machines the wrong way. It should tilt back, not towards you. If you tilt it back, it keeps your forearms and wrists ina straight line. That's what will save your wrists. It looks weird and feels weird at first, but once you get used to it, it's great.

Sorry if I sound like I'm yelling about sitting side saddle, but trying to sit like a lady robbed me of ten years of a job I loved. My motto now, "I'm no lady, I"m the reporter." Okay, that was a joke. I'll try to lighten up.

Just my 2 cents.
Diana Sasseen wrote: I have been known to pat it goodnight, but that's as far as it's gone... so far.

Diana, if that's the case, it might not be such a good idea for you to switch to the Diamante! :o)

I'm just sayin' ....
My thoughts exactly. My husband is already looking at me funny when I pat my machine goodnight. Okay, honest truth, I have kissed it, but just ever so slightly. You're right, a Diamante may be more than I can handle.
You know, maybe a downgrade might be better for you! I have an old XScribe out on loan right now, but if it gets too bad, I can get it shipped to you all the way from New Zealand, should the need arise. Gotta keep hubby from getting suspicious!
I agree with Diana

I have tendonitis and have had it about 10 years. The softer touch really does help. Also, I rest my wrists on a pillon on my lap and that takes pressure off your shoulders and neck and arms. Every little bit helps.

You may want to try the Light Speed. That has a super soft touch. For me, my writing went out the window. I do way too much realtime to use that machine. Maybe you will have better luck with it, though. Also, the price is only about 2,000 instead of the 4,500 which is a big difference.

You should give us feedback on whichever one you choose.
I am a beginning student and only have a stentura 400 srt also. Have you used cheapandsleazy's instructions on how to shim the machine. It has made a world of difference for me. Good luck to you.
I just bought my first machine, a Treal. I plan to get the Lightspeed later, but I bought a Treal on ebay (thank you, glen warner, for the ebaying-it articles!) for a super price.

I had Stentura 400s in school and the option to use a Stentura 8000LX for my practical training, but I hated the feel of the 8000LX and wasn't crazy about the 400 either. I wanted paperless as well.

I did a little writing on it. It's got a way softer touch than I am used to and is very very light. The only problem I have is I am shading some of my strokes and I haven't seen any helpful forum posts or articles about tweaking it by adding or removing rubber pads underneath each separate key.

For software, I have a lease from Stenovations for digiCAT. I pay $79 a month for that, and the full price of the Treal is 795, although I got it for a lot less. Altogether very happy to have the equipment.
My two cents.
Jessica --

Glad you found some of my prattlings to be of some use!

That said, now that you have your Treal, I sure could use a review and some pictures!

Also, don't forget that after your first year with the lease, you have to tell Stenovations that you want to BUY the software ... other wise, you'll be paying your $79/month for ever, and none of it will apply towards the purchase price!

Good luck to you ... and let me know about the review.



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