Just curious to know which states recognize voice writers? (steno mask)

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No, i have not completed my training. I will take my state test this August. I am in Northern Louisiana & the job market here is slim as far as voicewriters. I am still a newbie to this career & im just tryin' to reach out to see how the different areas are. I want to get all the information i can. I dont wanna be stuck in this state forever. Just usual anxietys about succeeding & finding a "good" job! Thanks for all the info & if u have any more, please share!
Maybe O.J.'s latest trial in Nevada was reported by a voice writer but definitely not the one here in CA.

I can even picture the main reporter here in L.A. on O.J.'s trial, but her name is a bit in the gray zone of the brain. I think it was Janet Moxham.

Think I'll google the name and see what I find out. :)

Anybody else remembering that??
I cannot recall the reporter's name or names, but they constantly showed the court reporters and they were not wearing masks -- I think that was O.J.
However, my friend says he definitely remembers seeing someone talking into some type of device held up to their mouth and wondered what it was. Hum.
Maybe a news reporter making notes into a digital recorder.
Since the topic of this thread has changed a wee bit to the O.J. trial, a trial which I never missed a day of watching on Court TV, I do remember stenotypy as the method of reporting.

It was same-day delivery of the transcripts, which is very challenging to any court reporter, even the seasoned veterans.

One lawyer was reading a transcript from a day or so previous, and they mentioned to Judge Lance Ito, as they were reading the "dirty transcript," that there were some"untranslates." They did stumble through the reading of the transcript because of the "untranslates." They were not criticizing the transcript, but they did mention it to Judge Ito that they were unable to read it verbatim because of the "untranslates."

I cannot imagine how tired that poor team of court reporters must have been in that trial. It must have been a lot of pressure for sure.

I came across an interesting article about the O.J. stenotype reporter and copy sales that had to do with the wrongful death suit. Maybe some of you have read it, but I thought I would share. If you want to read the entire article, here is the link:

I really think I got the name right, Janet Moxham. I'm almost sure she was the lead reporter on O.J. in L.A. I never met her, don't know any officials in L.A., but the name seems to have stuck in my brain for who knows why.

I looked her up on our state site, and her CSR number, which is still active, is older than mine.

Somebody needs to invite her to join CSRnation. I'm sure she'd have lots of neat stories to share. :)
Hey there...

I proofread for a mask writer in Lafayette, Louisiana (don't know my Louisiana geography well enough to know how close that is to you), but maybe she can offer you some insight regionally. Here's the link to her profile on CSRnation: http://www.csrnation.com/profile/PamelaMacDowell. She's super nice and I'll bet would be happy to answer any questions you might have.

New York is right behind you.
Bobbie Don,
You mentioned TX. Do you happen to know where in TX voicewriters are most popular?
Official & reporting firms?
When I started videotaping depos in South Carolina 5 or 6 years ago I saw quite a few. These days its rare to see a steno mask (1 in 15-20 ?)
Depends on which state your in, so i hear.
Bobbie Don,
Well if you run across the names, please let me know.


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