Just curious to know which states recognize voice writers? (steno mask)

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We have a lot of stenomask reporters here in Washington, D.C. In fact, I think there are more stenomask reporters here than elsewhere.

Every single transcriber machine I own has two channels. I used to transcribe hearings from stenomask reporters quite often when I worked in-house for busy court reporting companies.

Stenomask reporters are quite prevalent on the Hill for Senate and House committee hearings, as well as Federal District Court proceedings. In fact, in our Federal District Court located in the E. Barrett Prettyman Federal Courthouse, a court reporter must be a stenomask or a stenotype reporter. Both methods are given equal weight.

Oh, yeah, one more thing. The infamous Bobbitt trial in Virginia was recorded via the stenomask method!
Speaking of the Bobbitt Trial, i also hear that the OJ Simpson case was also done in the mask!
Thanks Jennie
"Done in the mask"? Where in the world did you get that idea? And that's a serious question, because the OJ Simpson trial made headlines for lots of other reasons other than the obvious. Janet Moxham and Chris Olson were the realtime reporters for the first trial. Maybe you're talking about the last recent trial, but I can't find an online reference for that. Is there one?

I read one of those reporters did realtime for the first time on the OJ trial. Do you know if that's true? I can't even imagine that level of stress!
Well thats prolly what she was talking about!!
Mary Ann,
My teacher spoke of that info. Whether its true, i dunno!
I hope this is a joke that I'm not getting, because OJ was in California and we do NOT have mask reporters in California.
Gee, i didnt mean to cause a controversy. I was just repeating what she said!
Thank you for clearing that up, Judy!! I had to take a DEEP breath when I read that. Just to reiterate, California does NOT and has not intentions on employing mask reporters!!
I remember the O.J. Simpson trial well. I don't think I missed one day of it on Court TV. LOL.

If you're ever thinking of moving to a new locale, D.C. is a good area for mask reporters. There is a very good mask reporter who I used to work who moved to Louisiana to teach in a court reporting school. I wish I could remember his name, but my premature Alzheimer's must be kicking in. If I think of it later, I'll post back on this thread.

There is a lot of work in my area for all methods of reporting: stenotype, stenomask, and electronic. One out of every hundred D.C. residents is a lawyer, and D.C., where the Federal Government is housed, can sure generate a lot of records.

Thanks for the Friend Add! :>)
Is there alot of Court Reporting Agencies as far as using the mask??
Here in the D.C. area, there are MANY court reporting companies who utilize the stenomask method of reporting. It is prevalent in congressional and court work. D.C. is a paper town, and there's a lot of transcripts being generated. Even the ERs (electronic reporters) are in demand.

There is a shortage of competent reporters in my area. One busy court reporting company I used to work for in-house had trouble covering their jobs at the end of the day. I would sometimes have to go out and be the surrogate reporter, pushing the RECORD button on a Marantz audiotape recorder and taking handwritten notes for speaker identification and unfamiliar terms. I write very hard and used to get writer's cramp. LOL!

If you can produce a comprehensive transcript, as well as being a reporter, you will have more work than you can shake a stick at in D.C. Some reporters only report and do not transcribe, turning their work over to the company to have their audio transcribed, but if you can do both functions, you will be in high demand.

I might add that ever since Obama got in office, the jobs are plentiful in my area. I'm not knocking it in this gloom-and-doom economy, but I am getting a little burned out of working seven days a week, to include this coming holiday.


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