Well, I'm going through my second rental being foreclosed on in two years, so it looks like I might have an unexpected chance to get out of my lease (that's only 5 weeks old) and move in a few months. My husband and I are always kicking around the idea that we would love to live near the beach, and were thinking this might be a good time. I'm a warm-weather person, so I'm looking for some awesome warm weather and a place with a community feel to it and plenty of family activities. Anyone live in a place like that? I'm currently a California CSR and will hopefully be finding out in a month or so that I passed the RPR, but would be willing to take a state test if needed. Thanks!!

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Thanks for the response, Virginia. I mean ANY beach, anywhere. We're especially considering Florida right now, particularly the Fort Myers and Punta Gorda areas. We've talked a lot about SoCal, but don't really know where to start looking around there. The obvious cool places are super expensive, and then there's San Diego that's so big I would't know how to find out which are the bad parts and which are the good ones! I was born in Ventura, though, so SoCal definitely has a special place in my heart. Thanks for pointing out some of the downsides that I hadn't thought about!

That sounds like what we're looking for! I got a little bit of sticker shock when I looked at houses for sale in that area, though! There's nothing under 400k for a 3 bedroom in any of those places! I just spent the last couple of days looking at awesome places in Florida that were 150k-200k, and then I realized that the awesome town I was looking at was hit hard by hurricane Charley.. so I'm thinking Florida might not be the best idea, lol. Maybe I need to reevaluate my imaginary budget, lol. It'll be a couple years before we can buy, anyway. Thanks for the great info and the link!
Seriously, if you're thinking FL, make sure you realize what the reporting climate is like where you're thinking about moving. I've heard from one or two that it's great in FL, but MANY say just the opposite.
Yeah, I was planning on calling some of the firms around there and asking about that. I did notice that on the NCRA job bank, there's more places in Florida looking than anywhere else. I do know that they've gotten rid of a lot of their offical reporters for ER, though.
Not only that, but there's no CSR requirement in FL, so anybody/everybody that can't get their certs goes there to work. They have a plethora of available reporters. I've heard it said you'll work twice as hard for not even the same amount of money you made in another state. They have a lot of no-write-ups, so all you get is a $60 app fee. Take your parking, gas, etc., into account and you don't make much in a day.

But... I gotta say, I'm not sure if it's just certain parts of Florida that operate that way. Check it out.
Hadn't really thought of it that way, but that's a really good point. You guys have definitely given me at least the right questions to ask if I do talk to some firms there. Thanks!
Hey, Heather.

Well, you know I don't live by the beach, but I had to throw a comment in the mix.

I love the beach too, but I'm too chicken to move. So when you make that big move, I'll have my beach gear all packed up ready to visit :D! Don't forget about me. LOL

Jena ;-)
I might be too chicken to do it.. we'll see. But I like the idea. You know you'd be welcome! Wish I could move to Hawaii, but all those crazy names would be a nightmare!


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