Did you see what pdf-it can do now??? Thanks for looking out for court reporters, Morgan!



Attorneys call it “sharing”.  We call it “stealing”.

·      Copy sales down because attorney sharing is up?

·      Ready to discourage dishonest downloads while keeping access simple, easy and fast for legitimate clients?

·      Tired of being in the dark and powerless because emailed transcripts are being forwarded to non-paying attorneys? 

·      Want to gain control and be informed regarding transcript download activity?

Our next release of iDepos will continue to allow instant, no password access/download of non-confidential transcripts.  However, additional downloads will require login if the request is made from a different IP Address.

If the login email does not match the original iDepos recipient an Access/Download Warning message will be presented.

If the I Accept button is chosen, download will be allowed and an email notification will be sent to the court reporter/firm.

This future release comes to you as a result of several conversations regarding “sharing” problems.  We hope you continue to offer your thoughts and feedback.  We’re always listening.

Morgan Babin Reporting Solutions www.pdf-it.com (281) 410-6922

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Very very nice!   I am always telling people and agencies about this.    Will save this post to keep spreading the word.  Kudos to Morgan Babin Reporting Solutions and PDF-it!

I'll add volume to the cheers.  I've been very happy with the product for years.  My clients have been as well.

Judy, is this on their website somewhere, or was it an e-mail from marketing? I couldn't find it on their site today; I wanted to give someone a direct link.

seems as though you will be chasing the "downloading atty" for the copy price of transcript if you are allowing a download without paying first.  just saying.  so what if I get an email saying that they downloaded the transcript, how are you going to get paid after the fact?  and the atty can just claim, oh, my secretary did that, I don't really need it, blah, blah, blah...

Good point, Kathy.  I wonder if there's any follow up to this thread.  I too have the same question.  

              I wonder what is to prevent the attorney who pays for and downloads the PDF,

              from simply forwarding it from his personal email to another attorney??


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