Would you want to know if a firm you covered a networking job for was holding your work product "hostage" in order to get full payment up front from the original firm before releasing the deposition to them for production?  I would...just wondering if anyone else out there felt the same???  Would appreciate anyone and everyone's input.  Thanks!

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Wow, that's a tough one.  You did the work on the 0&1.  I think if the agency knew this firm was going to be COD, they should have, number one, gotten the money up front before you even reported the job, and number two, at least informed you that the taking attorney was COD. 

I had a situation several years ago.  Took a job for a local agency.  The transcript was ordered expedite for  a trial coming up.  The taking attorney was out of state and because of how the depo went and other things, I told the reporting agency they should sent it COD, which they did. This local agency did not guarantee payment but I always got paid by them.  Well, the out of state attorney didn't respond and his wife called up the reporting agency crying the blues, if you can believe it.  The agency ended up contacting the judge on the case through his clerk.  The judge ordered the attorney to pay the court reporter and he did.

I'm so sorry I didn't explain myself very well!!! My clients are all large companies and pay like clockwork.   There is no problem with that.  The problem is that the Network company is holding my (small firm) the reporter's work hostage until I pay the Network firm!  My question being, if you were a reporter would you want your work to be held "hostage" by one court reporting firm to another (that has a good pay history) just to better their cash flow?  (FYI) This particular firm pays their reporters in 45 days on the originla and copies when they're paid)  :)  Hope that's a better explanation!!!  Lori

What does this mean:

that the Network company is holding my (small firm) the reporter's work hostage until I pay the Network firm

What do you have to pay the Network firm?  Didn't the Network firm give you the job to take for them?

I'm thinking Lori needed coverage for her agency and got the networking agency to cover--now the networking agency says show me the money and won't send transcript before paid.  It's not holding hostage, IMO; it's getting prepayment--"We accept Mastercard, Visa, American Express."  Now, this kind of thing should be spelled out BEFORE the job is taken.  They sprung it on Lori after the fact (should that be hyphenated?), which is what I gather. 

Lori, I'd pay it and get the transcript and just not work with them again if you do not care for their business practices.  

Amanda,you hit the nail on the head!!!  Yes, that's what I plan to do...just pay and move on.  I just hate that he is using a reporter like that with out their knowledge...because I know I wouldn't agree to work with someone that does that!!!  I'm sure he's probably not going to pay the reporter until he absolutely has to!  Thanks for your input!!! 

Sorry...I didn't proofread that last response before I posted! :)

There is an edit tab below so you can fix anything that you think is not correct.  FYI.

Thanks!  I just hit "send" before proofing!!!  I appreciate the pointers!

I think it is understandable for any firm - or reporter - to request payment from an unknown agency.  It appears there was a miscommunication between you and the networked agency.  I don't see it as though anyone is at fault, just to use it as something learned.  Payment terms should be expressed at the time of offer and acceptance of a job.  It appears neither of you did.  I do not fault the networked agency, nor you.  If you think the work product is good, just clarify with the networked agency, or Certified Independent Freelance Reporter, etc., the payment terms beforehand.  Some accept credit cards; checks can be overnighted.  All depends on the parties.

Deanna, what Lori is saying is the terms were agreed to up front.  However, this agency waited till they took the job and then changed their mind on the payment terms "after the fact."   That is highly unethical in my book.

Oh.  If that's the situation, then, that is wrong.  If they both agreed to 45 days payment, but, then, after the job was taken, the agency or reporter demanded payment before releasing the transcript, then, that is unethical.  I do agree with that scenario, Kelli.  That is terrible.

What am I missing here?  I don't understand the core issue at all.  So Lorihad another agency cover a job for her, she gave them the job, maybe for a small commission, maybe not, this other agency has a reporter cover the job and then won't send out the transcript until they're paid?  What does Lori owe this networking agency, a commission fee?


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