I talked to a reporter last Friday and told her I had seen her at a deposition a while back and I noticed that her machine was slanted downward.  She said it saved her career writing like this. 


I thought I might try it.  I was wondering if anyone else writes like this:

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I tell everyone to slant their machine downward so their fingertips point towards the floor.  I used to use a separate tilt piece I attached to my tripod, but they don't sell them anymore.  Now they sell the tilting tripod.  It's extremely important that once you tilt your machine back, that you also tip your tripod towards you so you aren't reaching too far for the writer.

I have the Infinity Ergo these days, which can be completely adjusted every which way. 

Let us know how you feel after tilting your writer!

Jenny, what's the Ergo?  Is that a tripod that lets you move the machine back farther?  Never heard of it.

Yikes!!  Wasn't expecting to see that picture.  I know which writer it is now.  I like the Diamante, but just want to tweak it a little to see if it helps. 

Thanks, Jenny!!


What do you mean:

I tell everyone to slant their machine downward so their "fingertips point towards the floor."

I tilted my Mira back so far, people in the office would laugh at me.  My Diamante doesn't tilt back as far.  I know I can remove the metal piece on the bottom of it and use another tripod with it so I can do this.  I just haven't done it.  Need to put that on my to-do list.

I have had the tilting tripod for years, but I tilt it toward me not away from me.  May have to try it this way - or maybe even alternate - to see if it makes a difference.  

Kellie, you may be able to yank the top part of the tripod back so your writer goes back.  It depends which tripod you have.  I like my writer tilted a bit more than this shows:


That tripod worked for my Mira but won't work with the Diamante.  I tried it.  Also, that makes your writer slant toward you, not downward.

The Mira tripod will work if you take off that metal piece.  And the part that makes the Diamante slant is actually under that metal piece.  And to slant the other direction, just turn it around so that leg is pointing the other way.

Is there an actual "tilting tripod" that tilts it even more?  As you can see, I have it tilted a little from the Diamante and then I have it tilted more sitting on a box.  Was going to try it out tomorrow.

What are synovial fluid issues?  I have a small marble-sized bump on my right wrist.  In my younger days my right wrist used to ache, it doesn't now (less writing), but I have a marble-sized bump.


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