I can't seem to come up with one stroke briefs for 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 -- any ideas?

I usually have one stroke.


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That's an easy one.  Something I picked up along the way (as we all do).  Outlined in my theory, The Steno Way, is a simple procedure, but it does assume you're using the numeral bar.  There are many who are afraid to use the numeral bar and disregard it, but it's there for our use, as we should take advantage of it.  After all, it was included on the keyboard for a reason!

You will have to enter all the years in your dictionary, but once that's done, and you've practiced a bit, you won't be hesitating.

Add final -Z to 15, for example, as in 15-Z for 2015.  For 2016, you'll have to add the final -Z in a separate stroke (16/-Z).  But for other right-hand side numbers, such as 2006, just add initial K- to your number 6 (K-6). 

I can email you the section from my theory book if you'd like.  Just drop me a note.



No, I don't use the number bar, but thanks for your response -- I've been working too long to change that.

Hi Grant. Thanks for your hints. Please send me the section from your theory book for years. Thanks!

I used OU for the first half of the decade and decided on OI for the teens.

2015 - TWOIF

2016 - TWOIX

2017 - TWOIFP

2018 - TWOIGT

2019 - TWOIN

Thanks, I'll try that.

TW-BGS = 2016

TW-FN = 2017

TWAEN = 2018

TW-PB = 2019

TW-NT = 2020

TWOU/ 2000
TWUPB/ 2001

TKWAOU/ 2002
TWRAOE/ 2003

TWOUR/ 2004

TWAOEUF/  2005

TWEFPL/ 2006
TWEFPB/ 2007    OR  TWEFRPB - 2007
TWAET/ 2008


twine = TWAO*EUPB

TWAEPB/ 2010

TWAEFL/ 2012
TW-RT/ 2013

TW-FRT/ 2014
TW-FP/ 2015
TW-FPL/ 2016
TWEURT/ 2030

2015  =  TW-FP

2016  =  TW - FPL (FPL is my "final X")

I use the number bar and add the asterisk.  I know you said you do not use it, but maybe this will help others that do!

2014   14*

2015   15*

2016   1*6

2017   1*7

2018   1*8

2019   1*9


I started just adding a Z at the end of the year.  So for 2016 it would be 1-6z = 2016, 1-7z = 2017.


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