I thought this would be a good group to start so all of the CaseCATalyst users could get together, scopists especially, and try to find work!

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Hi Daniele,

I just found your group and thought it might bring me good luck since my birthday is 8/29.

Is it permissable to advertise here?

How is your workload? Mine was fine until the beginning of the year then kaput.
Hi Daniele,
I'm very new to these chat groups but I think it's a great idea. I especially like your idea of trying to find work. Like Norma, these past few months have been terrible. I really like to do the medical deps and I thought that would be a plus since I have a medical background and would love to hook up with a reporter who does a lot of them. I'm not limited to that fielld, I just enjoy doing those.
I can't believe there's only 16 scopists on CaseCAT that joined this group. Is there a way for you to find and invite them? Do you know if the "Share" button up there would work to invite other CC scopists I know? I'll try it after this posting.

I just started scoping about two months ago. I had a few good weeks and now nothing at all last week or this week. I quite my full-time job to do this and now there seems to be no work available. I'd really like to establish a relationship with a couple reporters as regulars. I'm trying to make that happen but they seem to hold off on even asking for help until they get so overwhelmed that they HAVE to ask for help. Then everything is rush, rush, which is fine, but I'd like some regularity to my schedule. I end up working through weekends and having nothing all week then.

I've tried many different avenues of getting work. None seem to work better than another. I'm actually thinking about going to a couple neighboring counties in my state to meet and talk to CRs there. Most of my work has come from California, Ohio, Alabama and Texas.

Well, back to marketing! Take care and good luck to everyone.
"Share" button only lets you email it to people that you know their email address or to post a link to this page on your Facebook or Myspace, etc.
Hi, Gang,

Just noticed this group and signed on. Yes, things are really slow for all right now. I've heard of agencies closing, attorneys closing up and not paying, and not much work out there in SF Bay Area right now. I blame it on the lousy economy and the Calif. budget problems (boooo to the Governator). We just have to ride it out and be optimistic. Keep up your exposure even when things are slow. I've had instances where I've marketed my services and not heard from someone until 5 or 6 months later. But if you follow up every month, they'll take notice of your name. Hang in there, everyone.


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