Hi - I recently purchased a refurbished Diamante after using the Passport original - what a difference!  But I have two questions:

The first is - what settings do you find work best for the audio?  I write with my laptop hooked up and so that has great audio but the Diamante is muffled - I know people have clear audio and since my mic is considered really good I think it's my settings.

And the next question concerns stacking - which seems to be increasing.  I have the two rollers rolled to the lowest tension and still have that issue.

If it's relevant, I'm on Eclipse.

Any suggestions would be appreciated - thank you for your time!

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Hi, Ellen

My audio settings on the Diamante are microphone gain, 110.41% (0-200%); headphone volume, 62.20% (0-100%). These settings seem to provide me with a good recording. However, the Luminex audio recording is phenomenally outstanding and even better.

As far as the stacking, you may want to adjust your "split/stack adjustment" setting. Go to Setup, More, and Keyboard. You can make an adjustment to the keys you are having stacking trouble with. I would also advise contacting Stenograph, or whichever company you purchased it from, and get some guidance from them on your stacking issue. Hope this helps!

Thank you so much!  New knew about the split/stack adjustment - will try tonight!


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