I am having difficulties with my timestamping on the videotape template. My timestamp shows up inside the box on the right, and the font becomes smaller. Sometimes the line numbers are crunched together. I print through e-transcript and can't figure out how to change the format. My print preview looks correct, and I can print from transcript, which looks normal. But I can't email my transcript to the office to have it print correctly. And then the ASCII, Page Image, sometimes looks funny. Help!


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Thank you, Kathryn. Glad to know it's not just me. If I find an answer, I will let you know.
I do believe this is something that needs to be forwarded to DigitalCAT support. I don't think you can import a time-stamed transcript into E-Transcript and have it look right. I spent hours trying to figure it out. Finally just printed the transcript & word index through DigitalCAT with time stamps, then did the E-Tran without time stamps. Had a discussion with another local reporter, and she encountered the same difficutly. I have never addressed this with DigitalCAT.

Becky, I will once again forward this to Stenovations/DigitalCAT support. Thanks for taking the time to reply. I may have to resort to your same technique of printing hard copy through the software, and doing the E-Tran without the timestamps. Not sure how this affects the video sync but I'll keep on it.

I had a problem a while back when I had a time-stamped transcript and my firm sending it through E-Tran. It's something to do with the format of the time-stamp. I've had to do it twice and I think you have to use military time format to make it come out okay on the transcript and not have your lines look all funky....now, that's I THINK. I just know whatever the default was, it was wrong. Maybe that will help??? I know my firm has had to call DC those two times to get it right and that's what DC told our transcript people to tell me. Again, I think...LOL I just do time-stamps so rarely. Sorry...

Thank you, Gina. I will try the military times. And I'm going to cut and paste these emails to Stenovations so they can give us a hand.

I have a lot of clients who videotape so I want to give them what they expect and pay for. And never say sorry... All input is valuable.




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