I have two computers.  One of my computers is my go-to-depos computer.  That computer is in a bag with its power cable and all the other equipment I take to my depos.  I also have a Verizon MiFi in that bag and a digital recorder.  I use the Marantz PMI 660 digital recorder.  The audio is fabulous.  I record audio on the digital record, on my computer and on my writer.  You never know when you will have a failure so I have three backups.

Also, the day I buy a new computer I buy and extra power cord for that computer.  You never know when those power cords will go out, so I keep the spare in my car.

At home I have another laptop computer.  That computer can go to depos if my designated go-to-depos computer has to go in the shop.  This way I never have to miss a job because of a broken computer.  

My at-home/editing computer is connected to a full-size monitor.  It is also connected to a full-size mouse and full-size keyboard.  

My exhibits are scanned and searchable.  I store them in dropbox and keep an iPad at my desk.  I pull the exhibits up as needed and look at them on the iPad.  Some folks use a separate monitor for this.  It is much faster to look at the exhibits this way and search for words instead of going through paper documents, plus if the print is really small, you can expand and hopefully make out what the document says.

I do work at a desk.  That is my preference.  I like to be ergonomically correctly positioned.

Hope this helps someone.

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