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I'm still so impressed by the talent on this season of The Voice.  Trevin was my favorite at the beginning of the season, but now it's between Cassidee, Melanie Martinez and Terry.  There's something about Melanie that I love.  Her voice is so unique.  I love what she does for arrangements.

I don't know why, but I just can't get into The Voice this season.  I really don't like most of the singers.  Maybe it's the type of music they're singing.  I'm not a big R&B fan, and a lot of the music is R&B.  I'm really tired of the power singing style.  It sounds like screaming to me, and it's all they seem to do.  There's very little vocal finesse from any of these singers.  I kind of like that guy with the beard & long hair, but again, I'm just not crazy about the type of music he's singing so it's leaving me cold. 

And is Melanie Martinez the one with the half-and-half hair?  (I don't even know anyone's name).  Anyway, she is kind of interesting -- and at least she's not one of the screamers!   And I like the music she does better than the others, but there's nothing captivating about her for me.  Everything she does is kind of the same quirky little vocal pops -- not much versatility.   Maybe I'm not listening.  We're to the point that we fast-forward through everything but the singing, and even then, fast-forward once it becomes unbearable.

Sorry for being so negative.  Maybe I'm just burned out on all the vocal competitions.  Although I do like the X Factor.  I really think there are better singers on that show.  I even liked the rap group that just got knocked off!  And I LOVE Carly Rose.  Now, that's singing -- and no screaming needed to make her point.  (Unlike CeCe Frey, who would be doing a lot better on The Voice!)


That's funny.  We're opposite on this one.  I like the contestants on The Voice, and I only watch The X Factor to see Carly Rose.  I don't know how CeCe has made it through this far.  Every week she is so off key.  Last night I thought was her worst. 

Did anyone see who won the Voice?  I think it's Pope.  At the gym I thought I saw on The View, a picture of her, so I assume she won. 

She did win.  I really enjoyed this season of The Voice.  I thought it would be her or Terry McDermott.  They're both talented.  So are Nicholas and Trevin. 

Thought of you when I saw that she won!  Yeaaa!!!    I reeeeeeeealy tried to like her, but just couldn't get excited about her.  But I'm obviously not in step with what's popular these days.  

I actually thought Trevin was going to win.  I was shocked when he was sent home.  Glad a girl finally gets to win this time.  Cassady is amazing and beautiful.  That Terry McDermott, I just don't see what everyone is so impressed with.  There were way, way more talented people on the Voice this season than him.  Maybe I'm just missing it.

Anybody watching the Voice this year?  I love it.  So many good voices.... my favorite this week was Kat Robichaud singing "Sail."  That was so cool.  Ray Boudreaux reminds me of Harry Connick, Jr.  SO cute!!

I'm watching it.  The talent is amazing.  I'm not a big fan of the geek, James Wolpert.  I was hoping he'd go home. 


I tried watching The X Factor this season.  I think it's terrible. 

The X Factor is horrible this year.  What got into them?  It's kind of cheesy.  I've watched couple times and turned off!  Maybe Simon should just retire.... 

It is cheesy.  I liked the format they used to have, the judges' houses, etc.  This season it's just plain bad.  Having them sing with no instruments backing them up and rotating the seats was just awful!   I stopped watching it. 

When does American Idol come back on for the season?  Maybe that will be better.


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