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I think they start American Idol in January. 

I heard Mariah Carey said it was "hell on earth" being a judge last season.  Wow, tell us how you really feel. 

Spoken like a true diva.  So full of herself.

I didn't watch American Idol last year.  Just Mariah Carey and that other girl, Minage, whatever her name is, I just knew those two in particular would piss me off!  Hopefully they'll get rid of those two!  

You didn't miss anything.  They were annoying. 

I'm watching The Voice.  I agree, there are a lot of amazing voices this season -- way better than X Factor.  I like Kat Robichaud too -- great voice and a lot of stage presence.  But there are a lot of good ones.   My favorite singer changes every week.  I think The Voice is the only show with decent judges.  I think all four of them are good mentors, and I love way they get up and perform alongside the contestants.

I agree with you, Lorraine, about the X Factor.  I can barely watch it.  The singers aren't the caliber of The Voice, and half the time they're upstaged by all the production.  

The other day i was thinking, there's just too many excellent singers out there.  It might be easier to win the lottery than become a rock star!! 

My husband can vouch for that!  He dropped out of college (with a full scholarship - something his mother STILL moans about 40 years later) to become a singer-songwriter.   And it just takes a one-time viewing of (insert any MTV music-awards show) to see that talent doesn't equal fame.

It's all about timing and getting that big break.  Sort of sad.  I always cry when I watch the American Idol auditions because these people want it so bad and most will be disappointed.  Breaks my heart.


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