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Wow...  I've got to get caught up on my X Factor.  If she doesn't win, there's something wrong.  How can a 13-year-old do that?


I didn't see it last night either.  I watched The Voice.  I thought my daughter was recording The X Factor, but she didn't.  I watched the clips on YouTube.  


That comes so naturally to her.  She's gifted.   I was really glad to see that there was an additional singer on the show.  I won't tell you who.



They got it wrong this week again and sent the wrong one home.  The performer that was sent home was way better than the other performer.

You know, I never found out who won this season?  Please fill me in.  Thanks.

Tate Stevens, the country singer, won. 


Did you watch American Idol this week, Kelli?  Nicki Minaj is actually funny and entertaining to watch.  I didn't expect that. 

I'm recording it but haven't gotten around to watching this season yet.  I don't even know who Nicki Minaj is.  Never heard of her.  Is she into rap music or something?  I hear there's tons of drama between her and Mariah too.  Should be an interesting season.

She is a rapper.  She doesn't have a good voice, but she's a spectacle.  She's definitely the center of attention at the judges' table.  It makes it interestin


I thought Brittney Spears was terrible.  Apparently the show felt the same way.  I didnt' like Demi Lovator either.  I wonder if she'll be back for another season.  I wish they'd get Paula back.  She was much better than Brittney and Demi.

In all honesty, I just started to get real bored with the show (X Factor) all of it.  I like AI much, much better.  I need to get started on watching AUI and getting caught up to speed.  I always cry at the auditions because these people want it so bad and I hate to see their dream trampled on by the judges.  I'm way too sensitive I know.


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