Well, Geneva is going to be "graduating" from pre-school.

Back in my day (yes, the dinosaurs roamed the earth) there were no celebrations of getting through kindergarden or pre-school. We might have a ceremony when we "graduated" from junior high school.

But I've always thought of the big graduations as high school and college. Therefore, I am a little conflicted. I understand that people like to celebrate, but I don't really feel that it's such a big deal. I kind of expect my child to make it out of pre-school into kindergarten. After all, when's the last time you heard about a kindergarten dropout. Now, high school dropouts your hear about all the time, so making it through high school is a big deal. It's almost a transitioning point into adulthood.

So I'll go and be happy for her. But really, it's kind of expected, isn't it?

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I look at these cerimonies as a) a ritual to experience/cherish life moments with my child, because she'll be 18 before I know it. And b) to show her that graduations are something to look forward to and to strive for. Generally, these are pic op moments. I enjoy watching all the cute little pre-schoolers "graduating". I hope you will too:)
My daughter, my oldest, just graduated from high school. It was such a joyous but sad time. I cannot believe how time flies. I look back on the day she graduated from kindergarten and can't believe she's come this far. Take the time to enjoy these precious moments because they go by so quickly.

Here's a pic of my recent grad. Feel free to share you pics here.

Geneva's the one in the middle with her hand held out.


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