G-Force - movie about Gerbils as action heroes. Doesn't seem good. If anyone does go and see it, please share your opinions.

Up - You think this is going to be a feel-good movie and uplifting (ha, ha). Not!!! The first 15 minutes are very depressing. I'm warning you now. Be prepared for a heavy downer.

Night at the Smithsonian - Not as good as the first (what is) , but still a decent kid movie.

Starplex Cinemas - Home of the $2 movie.

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For adults? G-Force is not very good ~ but, with that said, my 11-year-old liked it, and my 8-yr-old, who has two guinea pigs (one looks just like the main guy/pig:), actually loved it!! I often go to movies with my kids and think, man, that was dumb, and then in the next moment they'll say, wasn't that great!?!?

How To Train your Dragon - very good.   I have 7-year-old girl.  She liked it.  She keeps pretending she's a dragon.


Tangled - pretty good.  It's Disney after all.


Toy Story 3 - really good.


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