I don't know if I'm crazy for doing this, but a lot of times when I am scoping I enjoy putting classical or new age type music (Yanni) in the background, playing though my headset as I am listening to the file. I just breaks the monotony quite a bit. Just thought I would share.

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That is a really great idea. I have done that on occasion. The only thing that would prevent me is having to listen to the audio files. Then there's no way to put on the music. It's a good idea though. Thanks for sharing.
Actually, I listen to the audio files (with either Express Scribe or Audiosync) and I listen to the music in the background through my media player at the same time. It's sort of like having a conversation with someone in a department store with the elevator music (or whatever) playing in the background.
I find reading it in the correct accent makes it easier to read. We have some cracking accents in Ireland!
I actually listen to the music in the background as I am listening to the audio. I just use my media player for the music and ExpressScribe for the audio. It's just like having music with the audio. It's great.


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