I'm a new Scopist; just finished my training at the Internet Scoping School.  I'm hoping to gain valuable insight and wisdom from this group.  Anything you can share with me is greatly appreciated!

I know it's the holidays -- bad timing on my part -- but I'd like to get started working as soon as possible in this new profession.  I have several years' experience doing realtime editing of financial transcripts for Caption Colorado (now a division of Vitac), and I'm eager to put my skills, training and experience to work in the legal industry.

If you're a CR brave enough to take a chance on a new scopist, I will be grateful to you forever!

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Did you ever get some legal experience through this post?

My regular scopist is away for vacation and I have a potential need for assistance on Thursday, 8/2.

I've never worked for this agency before -- their regular reporters are away -- but they told me it's a reinsurance job that typically runs about 300 pages, and the client typically orders roughs and doesn't expedite. The job is starting at 9am, so I'm guessing it's all day.

If the job doesn't expedite, I'm looking for help turning around the rough. The agency told me that delivery the next morning is okay.

I'm on an old version of Case Catalyst, version 9. I used something called Hightail with my regular scopist recenlty to get the file and that worked. (https://www.hightail.com)

Please advise if you can assist.

Thank you, --Ellen


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