Greetings: I have never been a Mac fan, but I'm having second thoughts after seeing how quickly Ted's boots up and how light it is. Anyone using Eclipse with that very interesting new Boot Camp?

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I know a couple of reporters that do. I think they like it. Wil Wilcox uses it, I think or it might be Keith Vincent. Not sure.
yes, went to the convention and keith vincent and jeremy thorpe are on macs. they were promoting the mac and the software necessary for Ecl to run on it. I was actually considering one, but I was concerned about tech support because every tech that I talked to about the mac weren't real keen on them, and they're the ones I have to depend on when I need computer support, so I backed off the idea. If you are computer savvy you'll be fine, I'm sure.
Well, but if Jeremy is on Boot Camp and ecl, then any tech questions that the regular tech support can't answer will be booted directly to him or maybe Keith Vincent. Both really great guys to have answering your questions.
Does anyone know if Jeremy is actually on Boot Camp? My understanding from the Eclipse convention was that he used Parallels.

It's Boot Camp I'm specifically interested in.
If you're running Boot Camp on a Mac, you're basically running Windows ... so any tech support problems you will have will be on the Windows side, so any Window tech support person should be able to help you with whatever problem you are having.

Other options include Parallels and VMWare Fusion.

I have used both on my MacBook Pro, and both worked just fine -- but to be sure, I was using them with digitalCAT at the time.

Interesting tidbit about Jeremy, though ...!

"For a Good (steno) Time ...."
I really would love to try Mac as my next laptop with eclipse. I am seriously considering it. I hear that Keith is on his second one. I'm a total PC person, but I love my college kids' macs. One does run Windows on his, too, so there's that option. I would be interested in anyone else's opinions.
I have a MacBook and I use Bootcamp. Best "Windows" computer I've ever had. I use Eclipse. Never had a problem. The internal mic is beautiful Crystal clear. The bluetooth is flawless.

I run Fusion on my Imac desktop. I tried the Fusion with the realtime and it just wasn't reliable. Would freeze up or not hook up with the bluetooth. I do medical transcription and hook up with my machine on the Imac and don't have any problems, but the laptop just wasn't liking the Fusion. Would never buy a PC again -- as of now ;)
Thank you! This is definitely an option for the future, as we used to say back in my native 1970s.
I'm a bit confused from your response. I must provide realtime every day. Wouldn't want any issues. Where were your realtime issues? What does fusion do? So you're not running a mini mic?
Hi, Cindy.

I'm not Carla, but what VMWare Fusion does is it allows you to run Windows as an application ... while the Mac OS is still running.

Boot Camp, on the other hand, allows you to basically turn your Mac into a PC and run Windows by itself.

This link talks a little about it (scroll down until you see "It runs Windows, too").

Hope that makes sense ....

"For a Good (steno) Time ...."
Ahhh, so they are very different. That's what I've seen with my son's computer, that it can "boot" in that would be "boot" camp! The other one is simply an application. I will read the link as well.
Thanks, Cindy L.A.

Hi, Cindy.

If you (or anyone else reading this thread after all this time) haven't made the switch yet, you should know that Advantage is working on a Mac version of Eclipse -- no Windows required!

Can't wait!  :o)


"For a Good (steno) Time ...."


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